A Brief Look Inside the Remote-How Academy

A Brief Look Inside the Remote-How Academy

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written on January 2019 by Dominik Serafin

 We thought we’d give you a quick glimpse into the great materials we’ve collected and created for all you remoters. We’ve customized it towards both companies and individuals, allowing both to extract the most value out of it and create a new working culture that benefits everyone involved!

We’ve got together some of the best in the business to make sure that the Academy offers a truly exhaustive experience for those wanting to learn more about remote work. With contributors from Stanford University, GitLab, New York Times, Buffer, Mural and many more, we can share their collective experiences in the industry through the Remote-how academy.

 Look inside the Remote-how Academy. Watch Free Video Lesson: Productivity Tips. How to be a successful and productive remote worker?

By following all our materials, you or your company will be able to standardize all the remote work skills and processes that you might have previously found difficult to do. So, why not find out how you can enable people to work from around the world and at peak productivity?

A Brief Look inside the Remote-how Academy

A Brief Overview of our Core Modules:

  • Module 1: Self Organization. We figured that one of the biggest problems facing both remote-workers and their employers was self-organization. Employers often don’t trust their employees to self organize from home, and some workers may find it difficult to make the most use of their time whilst working at home or in locations around the world. We’ve created then a number of materials to help you schedule your day, arrange your workplace and just be overall more productive in your working life!
A Brief Look inside the Remote-how Academy
  • Module 2: Communication. After getting yourself organized, it’s time to move onto the next step. Learning how to communicate across cultures and help people understand exactly what it is you’re saying are both key skills for the remote workplace. When mastered, you’ll easily be on your way to creating great work relationships, cultures and provide the best work possible.
  • Module 3: Digital Collaboration. By this point, you’ve already learned two skills that make a great remote worker. You may be wondering then how to actually interact with the working world remotely? We provide in this module all the necessary tools and tips on how to work and make decisions from anywhere in the world, saving you precious time and effort.
A Brief Look inside the Remote-how Academy
  • Module 4: Self-Care. It’s important for remoters and to make sure they are happy and comfortable working away from the office. As remote-workers ourselves, we have extensive knowledge of how to create a healthy and productive mindset from any place you so happen to be. From flow states to mindfulness, it’s all in here!
  • BONUS Module 5: Finding a Job. Now you have all the tools you’ll need, it’s time to take the next step in your remote career: Finding a job that works for you. This module only becomes available after completing the course and receiving your certification. You’ll get to talk with a career coach who will provide guidance and tailor your CV towards remote employers. You’ll also receive lots of tips and tricks of the trade. The perfect ending to the Remote-how Academy.
A Brief Look inside the Remote-how Academy

It’s easy to see the value that you and/or your company can get by organizing and formalizing your remote work arrangements. For too long companies have been hesitant to see the remote future, but now with our help, everyone can work at their best wherever they so happen to be. Who doesn’t want a working environment where people produce top quality results, where they want, when they want, and how they want?

 Look inside the Remote-how Academy. Watch free video lesson: Locating and identifying best remote jobs

2019 can be the year that you make remote-work work for you! Make sure to sign up the academy here so that you fully reap all the benefits of a happy, productive and skilled remote workforce. 

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