10 Best Articles About Bali Worth Reading Before Your Trip There

10 Best Articles About Bali Worth Reading Before Your Trip There

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written on November 2019 by Iwo Szapar

“Dear Bali, 

You make my heart smile” – that’s the phrase repeated by many visitors of this beautiful island. Bali is a land for everyone, whether your travel goal is: solo journey, volunteering experience, a fun time with friends, a business event or a family trip. At some point unexpectedly, something will catch your heart in Bali – just like something caught these authors’! 

Check out our favorite articles about Bali which make us feel like we are there, or want to book a flight – right now (every time we read them). Enjoy! 

1.“A Guide For Digital Nomads in Bali” | Bali Spirit 

“Physically I’m here. Mentally I’m in a pool in Bali ordering my third mojito“. It doesn’t need to be only mentally. For digital nomads, this situation is very possible, as all you need is to pack your bag and bring your laptop. You may be wondering – “Okay, but how I can work in such a relaxing place like Bali?”. Sarah Chamberlain from Bali Spirit tells us where to stay and where to play. She tries to find the perfect balance between work and play in Bali. She recommends cafes for work, and surfing spots for your free time. This work life balance helps her be more productive and enjoy every moment.

2. “Best Places For Female Digital Nomads” | Be My Travel Muse

On a Facebook group called GIRLS LOVE TRAVEL, I found a very inspiring comment: “Hey, I decided to go for my first solo trip! I was waiting for others to join me on a trip for way too long…”. The most important step is the first one, the brave decision you need to take to go alone – later it all gets much easier! With Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse it all gets even easier, as she already recommended  “8 Awesome Cities for Female Digital Nomads” based on safety for women, visa, living costs and lifestyle. In her ranking you can even find… Bali! Even though she is a bit sceptical about Bali (check out why?), at the same time she claims that the lifestyle there is really amazing, and especially that solo female travellers should give it a visit!

3. “Chiang Mai vs Bali“| Veera Bianca 

There’s the classic dilemma of wanting to visit so many beautiful places,  but you can’t decide where to go. Veera Bianca had the same problem! She didn’t know if she should visit Chiang Mai or Bali. What did she do? She just visited both! Now, she is trying to help us out. In her article, she compares Bali and Chiang Mai. She analyzed flights costs, living costs, moving around, visa procedure, working places, and lifestyle. You can check the pros and cons about both places, and then let us know which place convinces you more 🙂

4. “Bali Cost Of Living – One Month in Canggu “| Daneger & Stacy 

Have you ever imagined how much money you would need to travel around the world? Daneger and Stacy are a couple who travel around the world full time. Every week they upload three new videos and share with YouTube’s viewers’ cool experiences they had. In this 10 min YouTube video they share insights about living costs in Bali, and they both agree that Bali was one of the most affordable places for long-term living! Their video is a treasure trove of information for people who want to travel to Bali.

5. “30 Amazing Things To Do In Bali” | Two Wandering Soles

Katie Diederichs from Two Wandering Soles gives us ideas of what to do it Bali when you’re not exactly sure how to spend your time. Balinese Countryside Bike Tour, Balinese Cooking Class, Mount Batur Sunrise Hike and so on … and 27 other things as well! Her article “30 Amazing Things To Do In Bali” is full of “must see” places, as well as innovative & creative ideas. If you have never been in Bali, or you have been there a few times, but you run out of options of what to do – check this out! My recommendation: check out idea #17!

6. “The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide For First-Timers” | The Jet Setter Diaries

Asdghik Melkonian, an American-Lebanese travel blogger, visited 52 countries throughout the world! In her article “The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide For First-Timers” she shares information on when to travel to Bali, how to avoid money exchange scams, where to stay in Bali, what kind of transportation to choose. And the most important – which dishes you should try (and not to try!).

7. “A Guide To The Best Regions To Visit In Bali” | We Are Travel Girls 

Bali has so much to offer. Nightlife, surfing, rice terraces or waterfalls. Every region has so much to offer. Seminyak, Kuta, Canggu, Uluwatu, Ubud, Candidasa, and all the other islands around Bali. Where to go? And what to do there? We Are Travel Girls – a global travel community shared with us their guide on the “Best Regions To Visit in Bali”. Here’s some great advice from their article: “Don’t forget to Bring: Sunscreen and Wine!”. Check out what else they recommend 🙂

8. “Bali Memories” | Hand Luggage Only

Have you ever unfollowed friends on Instagram? Do you know the feeling when friends are posting photos from tropical holidays, and you are still at work? We almost “unfollowed” Yaya from Hand Luggage Only as he spammed Instagram with his amazing Bali photos 🙂 He shared his Bali memories in a photo diary for all to see. He spent just one weekend in Bali, but as he says “he still managed to fall in love with it”. If you want to know what made him feel this way, check out his amazing photos from Bali. I also set it up as a wallpaper on my laptop! Trust me, so will you!

9. “10 Unique and Fun Things to Do in Bali by a Local” | Dreams in Heels

There are many powerful reasons why you should travel like a local, not as a tourist. First of all, you may discover unique stories and unknown destinations. Here are some tips about unique and fun things to do in Bali written by a local person. Bali is much more than a place. Now you have a chance to discover its beauty in a local Balinese perspective by reading this article by Dream in Heels.

10. “What to see and what to do in Bali?” | W Sandałach

Ania and Maciek from “W sandałach” are Polish travel bloggers who prove that you can travel while working full time. They admit that you can get addicted to Bali, so watch out! If you ask them for recommendations on how best to discover Bali, they will probably say – get lost! Their website is for Polish-speaking people, but I recommend it here anyway as you can discover all the beautiful photos on their blog!

I have a bit of a traveling addiction, and these articles are a great “after trip depression” remedy for me 🙂 

(If you feel like we missed important articles about Bali – let us know. This list is by all means open to further development and you can help make it better!

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