Hurry up and Catch These 10 Digital Nomads (Before They Get on the Road Again!)

Hurry up and Catch These 10 Digital Nomads (Before They Get on the Road Again!)

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written on August 2019 by Magda Sowierszenko

If you want to recognize a digital nomad, you need to check for these characteristics: being social and friendly, being flexible, traveling light, aiming for success, having a good work-life balance, and finally always being online. Digital nomads are always on the road, and a backpack and a laptop are all they really need! 

Here’s a super handy list of digital nomads worth following in 2019. Enjoy!

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If your knowledge about “digital nomads” only includes knowing the definition, then this page is just for you! Would you like to start your “digital nomad” experience, but don’t know how to? Meet Pilar Noriega, a Mexican girl who explains how she manages to travel the world with the help of scholarships, job opportunities, and volunteer projects. She studies in Panama, Malta, Denmark and The United States, and has also worked in South Africa and Zimbabwe. On top of all this, she even volunteered in India and The Netherlands. My question is, where is she now? 🙂


You may be wondering, who can be a digital nomad? A web developer, graphic designer, copywriter, movie editor, photographer, journalist, bloggers, translator and even internet poker players! Simply put, any other person who knows how to use technology for business purposes can be a digital nomad. Joanna Szreder is a Polish woman who moved from Poland to the United Kingdom 15 years ago, and now lives in Thailand. She is an online English teacher who gives practical English classes to students all over the world, while she trots the globe herself.


Whilst preparing this post, Marc-Andre Laframboise’s status was “📍In Russia at the moment”. It may change by the time you get to read this, so please feel free to check for updates on Marc’s Instagram profile. DigitalNomad123 is a World traveler from Canada who helps people create and grow their own online businesses. Digital nomads are people who are location independent. Family relationship, love relationship, financial stability etc. – some lifestyles just need digital work opportunities! Just like Marc who started a long-distance relationship with a girl from Russia. Because of visa issues between Canada and Russia, Marc and his girlfriend Irina had to meet somewhere else in the world – in this case Greece, Italy, and Thailand. Without a digital nomad lifestyle, their relationship wouldn’t be possible. He simply could not afford to travel so much or get enough days of work in his traditional job. That’s the advantage of being a digital nomad! 

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The digital nomad lifestyle would not be possible without technological innovations. Quick internet connection, access to smartphones and voice calls to keep in touch with clients are all important. Tech-savvy Michał Molenda is a Polish programmer, entrepreneur and a digital nomad with 12 years of professional and practical experience. He runs Code Apps, which together with the team create web applications, websites and online stores. If you are thinking about developing skills which are needed in the IT world to start your remote journey, check out his website for a great programming course.

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Traveling soon to work in Bali, Tokyo, Lisbon or Oakland City? Alina from “Nomad Girls Travel” was faster than you! On her blog, you can find travel guides dedicated to digital nomads with advice on where to work comfortably in different cities throughout the world! Through her activities, Alina wants to inspire other women around the world to choose a digital nomad lifestyle they feel good about. 

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“Another day, another office” – seems like her motto. Chelsea is a web developer and photographer. On her Instagram story highlights called “Today’s Office”, you can discover where she is working every day. If we could ask her where her best working environment is, I bet she would answer “anywhere”.

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Timea from “Multi-culti” confronts us on her blog with one question – “what would you be like if you were born in a different country?”. Timea is from Hungary, and she calls herself a “Digitalpreneur”. She describes herself this way as she travels around the world to check how culture influences our personality. She believes that the best way to break apart the borders between cultures is to travel. This is how she lives her life. If you want to check how “multi-culti” looks like in real life, check out her post called “Non-Muslim girl in a Muslim family (what could possibly go wrong?)” – we recommend it! 

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At age 21, this digital nomad quit her corporate job in the Philippines –  welcome Aileen Adalid! She decided to follow her dreams of traveling the world and building her own business. Some people might have called her  “young and broke”, we would say – “brave”! She made it all happen, and today is a successful digital nomad (online entrepreneur & travel writer and vlogger). Her vlogs reveal hacks and tips on how she could afford to travel to all 7 continents (60+ countries). Check this out!


Meet twenty-six-year-old entrepreneur from the Netherlands – Milou. She is the founder of the “Explorista” website and the largest female digital nomad movement in the world: Female Digital Nomads. She thinks that location independent careers offer freedom to women: “whether they choose to work from home with their kids or from an airplane or coffee shops like me”. If you are looking for information on what the most popular destination for digital nomads is, or the top 30 gifts for digital nomads that they actually want – Milou’s blog is for you! 


Michael Burtscher is a Swiss Photo/Videographer. I’m so jealous of how he calls himself a – “Full-Time Traveler”. Why am I jealous? Because of traveling so much, Michael has a chance to get out of his comfort zone. He always looks at the world from a new perspective, which makes him inspired in his digital work. Michael runs the “A Digital Nomads’ Life” Instagram account where he shows his daily life as a digital nomad. 

11. Nomadowska

Meet Ania who helps to develop online businesses! She is a Polish digital nomad, currently traveling through Europe with her husband Dominik. Ania is a vegetarian living less-waste lifestyle while traveling. Her posts are inspiring (while being natural and beautiful!) and full of different tips on traveling: what to eat, what to see and where to go. If you’re looking for an authentic soulmate, look no further – she’s there. IMPORTANT! She only posts in Polish. 

Aaaand…  for people who want to travel and work at the same time, I just want to say that it might be much easier than you think! Just believe in the fact that you can make it happen! 

(If you feel like we missed somebody important – let us know. This list is by all means open to further development and you can help make it better!)


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Hurry Up and Catch These 10 Digital Nomads (before they get on the road again!)
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