5 Communities to Join for Your Daily Inspiration While Working From Home

5 Communities to Join for Your Daily Inspiration While Working From Home

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written on July 2019 by Aleksandra Wnuk

Last week I attempted to tidy up my digital space. By tidying up I don’t mean that I just organized my files in the downloads folder, I literally went all-Marie-Kondo on my laptop, my cloud, and on my social media. I also unfollowed all profiles on my Instagram that do not spark joy (it feels good to say that!). What proved to be most difficult is to find and unfollow all of the Facebook pages and groups. Don’t get me wrong, but I have been on Facebook for 10+ years now, so there is a nice collection out there hunting me down with random post popping out when I need them the least (many thanks to the magic Facebook algorithms!).

Enough with the brackets for now. I want to share my all-time favorite pages and groups that passed through the cleansing and that now bring me a daily dose of inspiration in my feed. While working remotely, I spend a lot of time online so it is important for me to have a balanced digital space while I navigate my career, relationships, and a relatively healthy lifestyle. Although the selection was hard, I hand-picked these 5 pages and groups that should bring inspiration to any conscious professional working remotely.

Jay Shetty

Facebook | Instagram

With his 24 million follower base (yes, you read the numbers correctly!), chances are you are already following him. And if you are not, head to his page right now and click on that subscribe button! What’s special about Jay is that he shares his wisdom through short, viral videos on a variety of topics. He says it as it is and helps people find balance and that common sense we often lose in the hustle of our daily lives and social pressure. His narratives are simple but powerful. His videos inspire to follow your passions, build healthy relationships, and excel in your career while focusing on your strengths.

Do you need an occasional motivational kick and someone to tell you that it’s never too late to re-evaluate your passions and choices? Jay is your man. On top of his top-notch content, I also learn a lot from Jay’s techniques on story-telling, video-making, and presentation. I would find his channels valuable for that solemn reason if I wasn’t equally loving his content! He also has his YouTube channel and podcast series. It’s one of those profiles you don’t want to miss!

The Happy Newspaper

Facebook | Instagram

“In a world full of uncertainty and fear, in a world where we seem to see more fear than cheer… I believe that the world is still full of kindness and care.” – said Emily Coxhead, the founder of The Happy Newspaper following the tragic shootings in Sri Lanka in April this year. 

This quote summarises the essence of the Happy Newspaper – your daily news on the happy note. I monitor the news on a daily basis and have got enough of anxiety reading about hunger, bombings, politics, and climate change. These are all valid and important news to read, but I often feel like there’s not enough positive news to balance the bad ones out. Is the world really such a scary place? This is where the Happy Newspaper comes in. With their original content, quotes, but also third party shares, it’s a joyful space on the web. If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram a lot more than Facebook, they are on IG too. 

The Good Trade

Facebook | Instagram

The Good Trade might be more of a recommendation for our female following, but even if you don’t identify as one, you might find useful insights into sustainable living, mindfulness, culture and more, so don’t scroll down just yet.  The Good Trade is a digital media and lifestyle brand, and their content is created to inspire intentional living. However, they feature more than just ethical fashion, beauty and home. I, for instance, enjoy their content on career, wellness, self-care, and feminism. Their minimalistic aesthetics and beautiful photographs are really music to my eyes and a cherry on top to the valuable content. If you are working remotely from your home, they have plenty of tips for creating a peaceful and intentional interior too.

And if you like the good news to be delivered to your inbox, you can sign up for The Daily Good, a quick 30 second read delivered to your inbox each morning with recommendations for conscious living. When I work remotely, I like to dedicate the time saved on commuting into improving my life, and conscious living is definitely part of it. 

Remote Water Cooler

Facebook Group

Remote Water Cooler is a relatively new community for remote workers with a current membership of approximately 200 people. Might be due to its size, but the community is very active and fun, which makes me feel a bit less self-conscious about commenting and sharing my experiences. There are usually some questions and posts from the group moderators, which helps with starting a discussion. What is more, members also share their own posts, which creates a sense of participation and engagement. I often visit the group during my breaks while working remotely because it’s always fun to see what other remote workers are doing and where they are in the world. It’s a great opportunity to e-meet people from outside of my small team, exchange tips, explore different remote cultures.

Recently we’ve shared a number of playlists for better productivity and I now try them out both while working remotely and in the office. Another advantage of this group is that you won’t see the usual “make $1000 in a day work from home priv msg” type of posts that dominate in poorly moderated groups for remote workers. Make sure to check it out!

Mindvalley Health and Fitness Tribe

Facebook Group

Mindvalley Health and Fitness Tribe group was originally found and led by Ronan Diego de Oliveira, the Head of Health and Fitness at Mindvalley but has instantly increased the community engagement with plenty of people posting about their health journeys every day. It started out as a 28 Days Intermittent Fasting (IF) Challenge where a bunch of strangers kept each other accountable and tried IF for the first time. Although I haven’t completed the challenge at the time, it is really how I first got insights about fasting, and now I try to incorporate it into my routine too! It has been great for both my physical and mental health and has helped with reinforcing good eating habits while working from home too.

With the limitless access to resources (meaning my fridge), I tend to snack a lot while working from home. Because of that, I often miss or delay the main meals. Having tried the 16-8 fasting method (where you basically have a window of 8h per day where you can eat), my wellbeing, energy and eating routine have been improving. If you are after a digital wellness community, without the *extremes*, I highly recommend this one.

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What communities and pages do you follow for your daily inspiration while working remotely? Let us know in the comments!

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