Consensys: A Remote Work Case Study

Consensys: A Remote Work Case Study

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written on September 2019 by Magda Sowierszenko
ConsenSys: Decentralising the world of technology

Consensys is currently one of the forerunners in promoting, blockchain-based technology to the world. Founded in 2014 by Joseph Lubin, co-creator of the Ethereum network, the company now has offices in over 11 countries throughout the globe. The company has a vision of transforming the world’s digital architecture into a more inclusive, free and digitally secure environment. ConsenSys is truly a remote-friendly organization, with multiple distributed teams operating across different time zones and locations. With over 900 employees, ConsenSys has worked with Remote-how to ensure that their remote work policies are set up to help guarantee success for all their remote employees. 

ConsenSys: A Remote Work Case Study
Remote work challenges in ConsenSys’s distributed environment

Within ConsenSys’s Protocol and Engineering team, a large amount of their employees are working remotely around the world. Some of their workers have no access to a hub office. Distributed workers from certain locations don’t get the opportunity to interact live with their other team members. ConsenSys have found that some of these employees were experiencing loneliness due to not being around others in a physical office. Working extremely long hours without adequate breaks seemed to be fairly normal for the remote team as well. This has happened as a result of trying to work across multiple time zones to ensure close collaboration. Both of these factors were leading to burn out, so ConsenSys decided that they needed to rethink their remote work policies.

The solution: Remote-how Academy

To help combat the issues that the team was having, ConsenSys enrolled certain team members in the Remote-how Academy. It is an online course with lessons, tips and hints that allow you to make the most of the remote work experience. Designed by remote work experiences from companies such as Buffer, Doist and GitHub, remote workers can get the right skills and training for successfully working outside the office The team gained access to the complete Remote-how Academy for a month. They mostly concentrated on the Self-Care Module to directly address the issues that their employees were having.

ConsenSys: A Remote Work Case Study
What to expect from the Remote-how Academy

Before using the Remote-how Academy, ConsenSys explored the amount of material, training, and strategies that the course offers to remote employees. They were expecting to be able to tackle head-on the key issues that the team was having. Along with this, they were also interested in learning more about onboarding team members in the remote environment. This was needed especially for new employees who had never worked outside of the office before. The company expected then two different things: real strategies and new approaches for dealing with the issues that remote work can bring.

So what did they learn?

After the pilot, everyone involved gave great feedback on the benefits that the course gave them. The top benefits gained were finding new strategies to overcome loneliness as a result of remote work. Self-care, in general, is especially important when working outside of the office. By putting all these tips, lessons and hints in one place, it really helps to develop good working habits. ConsenSys also found the high quality of the Remote-how academy helpful in getting across the message and lessons contained. Great informative videos, intuitive user experience and the ability to go at your own pace made the Academy the ideal tool for improving everyone’s remote work. With the ability for employees to “pick up where they left off, [without the] need to restart or scroll through videos to get where they wanted” made for a quick learning experience.

Get involved in the remote work revolution

Thinking about improving your remote working conditions? Why not give the Remote-how Academy a try. With numerous experts from some of the world’s largest remote companies, you’re in the right hands when learning from the Remote-how team.

Get in touch with us now to see what we have to offer, for both employers and remote employees.

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