Get the Best Work Done, Even if Your Team Is All over the World!

Get the Best Work Done, Even if Your Team Is All over the World!

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written on September 2021 by Magda Sowierszenko

Were you so excited to work from home at the beginning and now you just feel stuck at home and frustrated? Are you a manager, who leads distributed teams and finds communication challenging? Do you see all those Instagram accounts of people who seem to always be on vacation and you’re losing your head trying to figure out how they do that? Or do you love your remote job, but miss those funny stories you used to hear all the time from your colleague who was sitting right next to your desk?

As the pandemic forced many of us almost overnight to start working remotely there was no time to actually stop and think how it actually should be done. We jumped right in, bringing our work home, trying to adjust to those new conditions and keep the business going. And at first it really worked, because humans are amazing creatures, aren’t they? But after some time a lot of us felt overwhelmed, exhausted and trapped at home. Why? Because working out of the office is not what working remotely is.

Remote work gives us endless opportunities on how and where we want to work. But to make it work for us, we also DO need to put some work into that, establish new rules and create new habits. There is no better way to make our work as efficient and enjoyable.

Let Iwo Szapar – the author of “Remote work is the way” and CEO of Remote-how – take you for a guided trip around the world of remote work…and also for a coffee in different spots around the globe! Embrace yourself, buckle your seatbelts and enjoy the trip 🙂

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