How OLX Has Prepared Their Employees for Remote Work With Remote-How Academy – Case Study

How OLX Has Prepared Their Employees for Remote Work With Remote-How Academy – Case Study

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written on April 2022 by Weronika

Unique demands call for unique solutions

OLX is a company that aims to ”build leading destinations for buying, selling, and exchanging products and services, used by over 300 million people every month”. When they turned to Remote-how they were looking for an answer on how to best prepare their stuff to work remotely.

The company had 3 main challenges to tackle: 

  • Reducing the amount of time leaders had been spending on meetings
  • Improving the quality of digital collaboration between their teams
  • Building a transparent company culture which is remote-first

Recommendation from Remote-how 

As suggested by Remote-how, OLX decided to take parallel paths and enroll their employees in:

Implementation in numbers

  • 3 live webinars with Remote-how Experts, including interactive Q&A sessions
  • 2 hands-on workshops with Remote-how Experts
  • 6 weeks took the whole program to complete
  • 102 employees in total participating in training: 60 in CiDM and 42 in CRI 
  • 3 hours a week – a maximum time investment needed to complete the live course
  • 18h of bite-sized video content, which enabled the employees to fit the training in their own schedules

A sense of community

Live sessions gave OLX employees a chance to participate in cross-team learning collaboration.

They were also able to interact with one another and share their experience throughout the whole training period thanks to the access to the Remote-how platform which had a very positive impact on employee experience and engagement.

The final results

  • 69% of all who completed the CiDM program, became certified!
  • The top rated lesson from all modules was “Discover Your Remote Teams’ Motivations and Keep Them Motivated!” with NPS as high as 59
  • The most engaging topics for students were: decision making, team motivation, team management, and goal setting.

What did students say about the program?

“I now have the tools I need to better manage my team and ensure they are engaged and growing in their roles supporting our company’s mission.”

“It was apparent that they carefully chose their content providers and I came out of the course more ready than ever to manage a remote team!”

“Great course that provides a good balance between practical exercises and theoretical knowledge.”

Takeaways for OLX team

  • Productivity boosting techniques
  • Goals setting & prioritization in remote work  
  • Improved cross-teams collaboration
  • Enhanced team motivation & engagement
  • Remote communication structure setup

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