How Remote-How Has Helped ING Bank to Redesign Their Work Organization – Case Study

How Remote-How Has Helped ING Bank to Redesign Their Work Organization – Case Study

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written on April 2022 by Weronika

How it started

When ING Bank has turned to Remote-how looking for support in work organization it was easy to tell they have a great attention to details and are highly committed to developing employee experience.

Among the main challenges ING Bank has identified and was eager to work on were:

How it was going

ING Bank was in need of getting support in know-how from seasoned remote/hybrid work experts in order to put together a playbook. The main idea was that it would serve as a knowledge base including all the processes regarding hybrid team communication, work organization and achieving teams’ goals lined up with their priorities.

The Remote-how expert who took on this case was our CEO – Iwo Szapar himself. The second expert supporting the whole process was Andre Ben Hamou – a former director of engineering at LinkedIn. Andre is an outstanding coach & facilitator who draws on over 15 years of leadership experience in high-performance, product-oriented tech teams. He had also held Director positions in Facebook and Riot Games in the US.

Undoubtedly, the advantage of Remote-how is its cooperation with experts around the world specializing in various aspects of remote work.”

Małgorzata Korytowska, CEO Advisor at ING Bank

The cooperation was held both asynchronously creating the documentation, and synchronously during 1:1 calls to exchange the ideas and make sure the whole process was running smoothly.

The outcomes

As the final result ING Bank has been able to put together the playbook and we organized a webinar for their employees on how to improve communication practices and thus improve the quality of work.

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