How to Celebrate Halloween With Your Remote Team

How to Celebrate Halloween With Your Remote Team

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written on October 2019 by Magda Sowierszenko

With Halloween just around the corner, people all around the world are getting into the spooky mood. Houses are decorated, autumn is coming (for most of us!) and scary movies are back on the TV. You might be trying to think of some ways to get some Halloween atmosphere in your remote team, so we’ve come up with some simple ways to make sure everyone gets the chance to get into the holiday spirit.

How to celebrate Halloween with your remote team
Pumpkin carving contest

Here’s one to find out who’s got some real artistic flair in your remote office! Why not host a pumpkin carving competition in your remote team with a prize to be won? This can work great, as even people who are no good at carving can usually come up with something a bit funny. Depending on the time differences your teamwork in, you could do this either in a video call or by sending in a picture. Get everyone to vote on the best piece and offer a spooktacular prize for the best one.

Best dressed costume

This one is quite easy to do, as a lot of people are already attending Halloween parties and will get dressed up. Also, who doesn’t want to see their boss in a ridiculous costume? It’s a win-win situation for everyone! Simply get everyone to send in a snap of their costume this year and choose the best! If everyone is feeling brave, you could even have one of your daily video calls with everyone dressed up. To provide some inspiration, you can perhaps choose a theme related to what your company does. Make sure to stick the pictures up in a work channel so everyone has easy access to see who has the best (or worst!) outfit.

How to celebrate Halloween with your remote team
Virtual trick or treating

If your budget allows, think about getting some treats for your remote team. This could something like a Starbucks or iTunes vouchers, or even physically mailing some candy to their address! This adds a really nice personal touch, rather than everything being done completely online. There can’t be treats though without a few tricks, so see if you can come up with something that all your team can enjoy. This could be a joke email or a challenge that your team needs to complete. Just try not to be too mean though!

Desk decoration or working from a spooky location

Not everyone is so into dressing up, but this doesn’t mean they can’t do a bit of desk decorating to get into the Halloween mood. Either as a competition or just for fun, ask people to decorate their working space and turn it into a fantastically frightening area where they can get up to some wicked work. Maybe some remoters have decorated their house too or are working from a particularly creepy location that day? You can all compare your horrifying working spots and see who has got the most Halloween vibe going on.

How to celebrate Halloween with your remote team
Share some Halloween content

A lot of us love to watch a few scary movies at Halloween or get into the mood with some spooky songs and tunes. Setting up a channel or playlist with some recommendations on things to watch or listen to is a great idea for getting into the Halloween atmosphere. Get everyone to add in their suggestions and you’ll have a lengthy list in no time. You can even try setting up a screening of your favourite movie (technology admitting) and all watch together.

Wishing you a haunting Halloween from everyone at Remote-how

Here at Remote-how we want to wish you all a thoroughly terrifying and scary Halloween… but remote-work doesn’t have to be the same! We’re here to make your remote experience a much happier and productive one. So, make sure to check out all our materials and courses that are here to help make remote work a reality for you and your team. Fangs for reading!

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