Tom Haak: “Talent Management Is Often More Window Dressing Than a Real Priority.”

Tom Haak: “Talent Management Is Often More Window Dressing Than a Real Priority.”

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written on February 2019 by Magda Sowierszenko

Taking advantage of our broad network of experts and thought leaders, we decided to start a series of interviews with people we find inspiring. Coming up this week we got Tom Haak!

Tom Haak is the director of the HR Trend Institute. The HR (Human Resources) Trend Institute follows, detects and encourages trends, in the people and organization domain and in related areas. Where possible, the institute is also a trendsetter.

Tom has extensive experience in HR Management in multinational companies. He worked in senior HR positions at Fugro, Arcadis, Aon, KPMG, and Philips Electronics. Tom has a keen interest in innovative HR, HR tech and how organizations can benefit from trend shifts.

In the last years, Tom Haak conducted workshops on HR Trends, HR Tech and innovations for organizations as AstraZeneca, Booking, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oracle, Perfetti van Melle, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, JDE, Deutsche Telekom, Heineken, Siemens, Nutreco, Airbus, Ferrovial, ABN-AMRO, FrieslandCampina, Amway, Philips, KPMG, Nestlé, and various others. He is also a regular keynote speaker at prominent HR conferences.

Find Tom Haak on Linkedin by clicking here.

In the video below, Tom gave us his insight on various matters around the HR industry. We talked about his HR Trend Institute initiative and how he came up with the idea, the role of technology in the HR industry and the need for Talent Management to focus, mostly, on present issues and challenges and avoid being “sent away in the bush” by corporate as an effort to leverage time.

Furthermore, we discussed the employee’s journey and dived deep in how can Talent Management adjust and be effective in a distributed work environment.
Lastly, Tom gave us some valuable insight into what challenges companies need to prepare for before tinkering with a flexible work arrangement program.


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