My Remote Work Experience

My Remote Work Experience

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written on March 2019 by Iwo Szapar

Hi guys, my name is Maarten, and I just worked for 1 month remotely. I graduated from University and had a big desire to travel, however, I also wanted to actually do something useful during that period and learn some valuable skills. It seemed like a hard combination but I still managed to do it here is how it went down:

During my holidays in Tarifa (Kitesurf Mekka) I’ve come across several people who lived and worked remotely. I’ve found this way of living so interesting and inspiring that I wanted to experience it for myself. Moreover, I believe that the future work will become increasingly remotely as it has so many benefits to be able to work wherever you want and with the technology of today getting in touch with each other is super easy.

So I did some research and got in contact with a company called Start-Me-Up,  they offer remote internships programs in Bali and Australia. They then linked me to Remote-How; this company teaches businesses and individuals how they can work remotely efficiently. After two skype interviews, I got accepted and could start being part of a team that was responsible for organizing a global work from home day event!

My Remote Work Experience

I packed my bags and left Amsterdam for this adventure. I decided to go two weeks earlier to Bali so I could travel around first before I started working. This was the first time for me to travel by myself and even though I have had some difficult times, I also experienced some very BIG HIGHS and have to say that it was one of the best choices I have ever made and would recommend it to anyone.

After two weeks of climbing volcanoes, chasing waterfalls and partying, I started with the internship. The location I worked for that month was in a co-working space in Canggu Bali called Dojo Bali. This place has a solid community, high-speed internet, and an amazingly good cafeteria.

One of the struggles I thought working remotely would bring was loneliness as everybody you meet is on the go, and you work mostly on your own. However, because I was part of the Start Me Up squad and met a lot of people during my travels, I actually haven’t spend a single meal on my own (unless I choose to myself).

My work week would look like start at and finish around 5.00 pm depending on the workload, and I had 3 skype calls a week with the lovely Magda Sowierszenko on Monday Wednesday and Friday to talk about my progress and the new tasks that had to be done. On Friday I had a workshop about personal development and skills that are required for the future of work hosted by Jonny Miller. I found these workshops very interesting and helpful because after graduating, I felt like I was on a cross path and had 1 million options I could take. The workshops helped me reflecting on myself and thinking about what skills I would like to develop further.

My Remote Work Experience

Now I’m working towards the end of my internship and reflecting back on everything, and I have to say it has been a wonderful experience. I have met so many interesting people and got to learn a job that was completely different from what I was experienced with. I learned how to design infographics and websites, what marketing techniques to use and a lot of other skills that are required to organize a big event while working remotely. Furthermore, Bali is seriously a fantastic place. Nature, culture, and food are unbelievable. I have gained another home, and it is incredible how easy you can adapt to a completely different culture and way of living.


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