Remote Employers Masterclass: PeopleG2

Remote Employers Masterclass: PeopleG2

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written on March 2019 by Aleksandra Wnuk

Here in our Remote Employers Masterclass, we’ll be looking at some of the best companies globally that are hiring remotely. It can be daunting for those thinking about changing their working life and starting a remote career, but getting the right job can feel like finding the Holy Grail!

Each masterclass will provide a brief description of the company, along with some features that make them particularly interesting for remoters. There will even be a Q&A video so you can find out what really makes a remote friendly company successful.

For the third installment of our Remote Employers Masterclass, we’ve decided to take a look at PeopleG2.

PeopleG2 is a nationally recognized background check company that specializes in pre-employment screenings and drug testing. The company prides itself on fast turnaround times and accurate results, with a human touch. This ensures that clients receive quality background checks, which enable them to make informed hiring decisions. They also operate both remotely and virtually, providing the company with a number of benefits.

Remote Employers Masterclass: PeopleG2

Background checks are critical safeguards that protect companies from a variety of risks by providing information about applicants prior to hiring decisions. They can help flag a candidate that has a criminal history, verify the competencies claimed on resumes, avoid liability, and ensure workplace safety. In the end, background checks help companies make more educated hiring decisions.

By undertaking a background check, a company can ensure that the usual negative impacts of a bad hire are avoided. For example, a potential CEO who lies on their resume can reduce shareholder trust and stock prices. PeopleG2 estimates that a bad hire can expect to cost a company roughly $300K in hiring, training, compensation, termination, and loss of productivity. Mistakes in judgment based on unverified skills can also result in damages or fines.

The benefits of being a virtual company

By working remotely, PeopleG2 has more time to complete its tasks and work with clients. It also provides them with a unique culture that just isn’t available to traditional office-based jobs.  

“Going virtual helped us formate what was important and what needed to go. It allowed our best people to do the work they love, when they want to do it, and where they want to do it. We save money, have access to a larger talent pool, and remove the inefficiencies of being in one location (commute, traffic, pointless meetings, and small talk).”  

Communicating as a remote team

Communication is key to ensuring successful work within a remote company. PeopleG2 facilitate this by utilizing a variety of tools to stay in touch and exchange information between coworkers. These range from traditional email to videos calls, as well as instant messaging services such as Slack. All employees are active in Slack on a daily basis for both messaging and video/audio calls. Departmental meetings are conducted on the platform, along with one to one communication and timekeeping for non-exempt employees.

Building a work culture

PeopleG2 promotes a healthy work/life balance, one of the key improvements and benefits in working remotely. Each week, the whole staff takes 30 minutes out of their workday for Trivia Thursdays via Slack. Also, for those in the area that can attend, they encourage participation in a monthly happy hour at a local restaurant in Orange County. Once a year they also have their annual Holiday Party, inviting all employees from around the country to gather and celebrate all the successes throughout the year. They also host Family Day Picnics, BBQs and other events throughout the year.

PeopleG2’s Remote-work Challenges

Trust is Key. When working remotely, employers and employees need to develop a level of trust. As managers cannot physically see and check what is going on as per a normal office setting, workers must take responsibility for completing their own tasks on time and to a high standard. PeopleG2 uses the scrum/sprint format in a virtual online manner to ensure that the whole team is kept up to date, noted of any difficulties and promote a real team atmosphere.

Staying Connected. As previously mentioned, staying in touch is another challenge that PeopleG2 has overcome within their company workflow. It quickly became overwhelming for employees to keep track of long email threads, Skype conversations, text messages and other virtual places for communicating with one another. They highly recommend Slack for keeping in touch, allowing efficient and effective communication within teams. It also works as a digital watercooler, with the ability to send gifs, emotes and create channels for all sorts of different topics.

Promoting Healthy Living. Working remotely can sometimes bring with it the risk of health issues, like any other job. Isolation from working alone and burnout from long hours are possible negative effects. PeopleG2 encourages their workers to take frequent breaks, converse with other coworkers regularly and attend Meet-Ups when loneliness strikes. They also allow employees to figure out their own healthy work schedule that fits in with their lifestyle and health needs.

Key Advice

We asked PeopleG2 for their top tip they would give to prospective remote workers. How can you be sure that remote work is for you? Here’s what they had to say:

“Talk to people who are or have been remote.  It is not for everyone. Some people need the structure of a common location, and the energy of coworkers buzzing around.  Make sure you have the space and discipline to be successful.”

If you’d like to find out more about PeopleG2 and possible job opportunities, then visit They post any open positions on the Career Page, and you can also upload your resume for future consideration. Currently most of the positions they regularly hire for are research and sales positions. They’re a growing company, so make sure to check back soon if there aren’t currently any posted jobs.

For more information, tips, tricks and guidance in realising your remote work dream, you can sign up to our Remote-how Academy here:

Make sure to check out our upcoming Q&A session with PeopleG2 to find out more about how they operate successfully as a virtual and remote company.

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