7 Marketing Full-Time Jobs You Can Do Remotely

7 Marketing Full-Time Jobs You Can Do Remotely

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written on April 2019 by Magda Sowierszenko

For people who want to work remotely, marketing is one area where the possibilities are fairly open in terms of whether you have to be in the office or not. It’s up there with graphic design and coding for being able to have freedom as to when, where and how you work. Marketing is actually multi-faceted, meaning that for most people there is somewhere out there that will sort your skills and needs. We’ve collected together 7 different roles that will suit all you remote marketers out there when you’re looking for your next paid gig!

Head of Marketing

Out of all the positions you can apply for this, this one is going to need the most all round experience that you can get. It’s great to be ambitious, but you really need to have the skills already to pull together all the other aspects of marketing into a unified strategy. For a role like this, remote managing experience going to be a huge asset when applying. Managing remote teams isn’t the easiest thing to do without the correct training and know-how, but if you’ve already been in charge of a marketing department it shouldn’t be too difficult to pick up.

Content Manager

As a content manager you’ll mainly be dealing with online channels and resources. This makes it a perfect role to go for when you want to work outside of the office. For people who already run their own blog or have experience in writing articles and creating content, working as a Content Manager can utilise the skills you already have. These need to be combined with great client relations management, as you will probably be working outside parties fairly often. Just being good at creating content won’t get you this job, as you need to devise and create strategies and campaigns too. Expect to be designing editorial calendars, tie in content for product launches, and managing SEO to make sure your content is easily found.

Growth Hacker

If you want to work with new and exciting companies to grow their reach and followers, then growth hacking may be just the avenue for you. It can be a challenge working with small budgets and being expected to produce big results, but this kind of high pressure environment is just what some people thrive on. Ideally, you’re already familiar with A/B testing to find our what kind of marketing strategies will work best with your target audience. This role is really suited for people wanting to work remotely, as most growth hacking tools and techniques are online based.

SEO specialist

As an SEO specialist, you’ll find a lot of opportunities for freelance work as well as working for an individual company. If you go the freelance route, you can really make your work fit around your schedule. It’s an ideal position for a remoter who requires much more freedom in their working conditions. Website analytic tools experience is definitely going to be a must, so unlike some other areas of marketing you will need some direct experience.

Email Marketing Manager

When working as an email marketing manager, you’ll have to both plan and implement a company’s whole marketing strategy. Working multiple jobs and freelancing here is a bit difficult, as it can take a considerable amount of time to work successfully on an individual campaign. You’ll need to be up to date with data protection laws and regulations, as well as have good copy skills for creating newsletters and email content. Experience with CRM programs like MailChimp or Salesforce are a must have, as these tools will have to be used on a daily basis.

Paid Search Manager

Know a thing or two about pay per click advertising and SEM? Then you might be just the right person to go for a remote paid search manager role. This can be freelanced quite easily as campaigns might not take up all your time in the day. You’ll be in charge in making sure you get the most out of your advertising budget, so a good analytical head is needed. You’ll be combining SEO with great content writing skills, as well as researching the best strategies for the specific industry that you’ll be working in. 

Product Marketing Manager

If you want to work with a specific product or service rather than marketing an overall brand, then think about a product marketing manager position. It will combine a lot of different marketing skills as it’s a more general role, but you can really get your teeth into something tangible like launching a shiny new product. It combines aspects of sales, marketing and product design, so is good for someone who is a real all rounder. You will have to pin down a product’s specific position in the market and help it stay relevant, which isn’t always an easy feat. It can be a challenge, but a worthwhile one if you’re up for it.

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7 Marketing Full-time jobs you can do remotely
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