Remote-How Weekly Digest #41

Remote-How Weekly Digest #41

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written on June 2019 by Dominik Serafin

Hello everyone!

We hope you had an amazing beginning of June full of sun, exciting projects and a perfect work-life balance to enjoy them both.

Let’s dive into the world of remote news from Remote-how and other remote teams from around the globe.

Have a great read!

 Remote Career Advisory
is full steam ahead!

It’s been a week since we launched the Remote Career Advisory program, and we already have our first students! 


If you are on the verge of starting your remote career and would like to kick it off like a pro, this one is for you. Our HR and recruitment experts will teach you, step by step, how to land your first remote job. And if you choose Remote Professional or Remote Excellence plan, you’ll get full access to our Remote-How Academy as well!

Not sure? You can access the free preview and decide if RCA is for you.


We have also created a special quiz for this occasion! Have you ever wondered what is the perfect place for you to work remotely? Answer our questions and find out! 


Remote-how x Asana rock London!

Recently our very own Global Marketing Lead, Magda Sowierszenko went over to London to talk about the challenges with managing remote organisations during the Asana Together World Tour. If you want to know why, according to Magda, remote teams are like solar systems, check out the summary here.


Overall, it was a blast 🚀 Big thanks to our friends at Asana for inviting us!

And now, for your weekly dose of crème de la crème remote news.

Enjoy the read!

Recently on Remote-how blog

Loneliness: A New Challenge for the Remote Workplace

‘The 2019 State of the Digital Workspace’ report from Igloo notes that 70% of remote employees feel left out of the workplace. As it stands, companies are not meeting the needs of remote employees and more than half are missing out on important information.


REMOTE knowledgeThe Best Books About Remote Work

Fancy some reading? Want to learn what this remote work thing is all about? Or maybe you’re convinced it’s the future, and want to know the best way to tap into it? Sarah Dixon from DistantJobs picked the best books on the topic!


REMOTE management

Managing Remote Teams With a Remote Work Policy

81 percent of SMBs in the US has no formal remote work policy in place while other data show that 85 percent of the same US companies allow some form of remote work. Why having a remote work policy is important and how to set up one? Learn from GetApp Lab.


Managing Remote Employees? Spot This Problem And Improve Productivity

Increased productivity. Reduced costs. Access to talent. Remote work has plenty of benefits, but migrating full-timers to more time at home comes with a big downside: relationship decay.


REMOTE future

10 Remote Work Trends Dominating in 2019

From managerial and legal challenges to Generation Z entering the job market soon… Check the dominating remote work trends for 2019 according to TechBullion!

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