Remote-How Weekly Digest #49

Remote-How Weekly Digest #49

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written on August 2019 by Iwo Szapar

Remote greetings, everybody! 

Our Bali giveaway has just hit the halfway point! We have already got featured in some cool places and communities and even did an interview with the BBC last week. If you haven’t managed to join yet, you can still do it! JOIN NOW!

Remember: we will cover a month-long trip to Indonesia for four people. Flights, accommodation, and co-working space are included!

Here’s a short explanatory video about why & how to do so:


Good luck! We will be selecting four lucky winners in a month time.

We also have a little request for you… We have just launched our TrustPilot profile, and we are collecting some great feedback from our community members! Care to leave us a 5-stars review?


Thanks a lot! 

And now for this week’s selection of remote-related content. Do you have your favorite beverage ready? Then let’s begin!

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While working remotely, we spend a lot of time online, so it is important to have a balanced digital space while navigating career, relationships, and a relatively healthy lifestyle. Although the selection was hard, we hand-picked these 5 pages and groups that should bring inspiration to any conscious professionals working remotely.


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Five Paradoxes Of Global Remote Working!

As workforces become more dispersed and global, it’s easy to assume employees can manage on their own and take charge of their working day. But, as Hannah Prince explains, there are a number of unexpected areas where HR may need to step in. What are the paradoxical areas of remote work? Learn from this article!


Why Remote Work Has Grown By 159% since 2005

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Why Remote Work Leads To A Stronger Company Culture

Company culture or a good salary. Which one do you choose? A recent study by jobs website Glassdoor revealed that most people believe a strong company culture will make them happier at work than earning a high salary. Read more in the article from Brian de Haaff, co-founder and CEO of Aha! 

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