Remote-How Weekly Digest #50

Remote-How Weekly Digest #50

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written on August 2019 by Dominik Serafin

WOW, what a surprise!

We just hit the 50th issue on our newsletter!

Thanks for being with us! To celebrate this little milestone, we have something for you! We want to know…

what has working remotely taught you? 


Submit your stories! 

We will publish the best on our blog and reward the authors with free passes for our new crash-course Remote-how Academy: Essentials!

You can leave your thoughts here: SHARE YOUR STORY

We can’t wait to find out what amazing learnings you want to share with the community!

To the next 50 issues!

And now – the newsletter. Enjoy responsibly!


Our Bali giveaway is still on! If you want to go to Indonesia for a month on our cost (flights, accommodation, and amazing co-working space included) just answer a few questions and join the adventure!

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Last week Iwo got invited over to BBC for a truly great discussion about the future of offices and the future of the workforce in general. 

It was really insightful and hot debate. You can listen to the full program here. 

Thanks to Manuela Saragosa for the invite!


Cheers from Iwo from a recording studio in Warsaw.
Talking about remote work with BBC…. remotely

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The Nordic nation has embraced agile hours for decades. It’s a style of work well suited to the country’s deep-rooted culture of trust, equality, and pragmatism.


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Yet another proof that remote work is going mainstream!

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