Remote-How Weekly Digest #63

Remote-How Weekly Digest #63

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written on November 2019 by Magda Sowierszenko

Howdy, remote people all over the world! 

(This is the correct version of today’s newsletter. Our mailing system decided to delete ALL THE LINKS from the previous message so we had to send it to you once again. So sorry about that!)

Hope your week has been amazing so far!

Our team is on the move again and we send some warm regards from London, Poland, Mauritius, Georgia, Kazakhstan and China!

Have a great read! 

Certified in Distributed Management class of 2020 is now open!

That’s right! We are kicking it off with the next class of Certified in Distributed Management program.

The 2019 class was joined by 55 manages from 30 companies and we have received some super positive feedback from the participants. That’s why we are doing it again!

Once more, we invite all the managers and team leaders who manage distributed teams or collaborate with virtual peers on a daily basis (or want to learn how to do it effectively) to take part!

What can you expect from the program?

top-quality educational materials and 100% remote lessons;

masterclasses led by world-leading industry experts and practitioners from companies like Buffer, Hubspot or InVision.

access the the global mastermind community of managers who face the same challenges;

live group consulting sessions and Q&As;

…and much, much more! Get The Program Brochure

The Early Bird price is valid until the 30th of November, so if you’d like to save – make sure to save your spot soon!

From “remote-friendly” to “remote-first” – join our webinar!

Do you think you leverage the power of remote to the fullest? 

If you want to learn how switching to the “remote-first” principle can benefit your company and wellbeing of your employees, join our open webinar for C-level executives and business owners!

We will take a look at some best practices from global top remote companies, get to the bottom of what factors contributed to their success and tell you how to implement these practices in your business model Get On The Guest List

The webinar will be delivered by our very own Iwo Szapar, CEO of Remote-how, on the 12th of November, 6 PM UTC.

See you online!

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