Remote-How Weekly Digest #71

Remote-How Weekly Digest #71

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written on December 2019 by Dominik Serafin

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Ring in the new year with our compilation of the best articles about remote work in 2019! Whether you’re just starting your remote adventure or you are a seasoned manager of a distributed team – we are certain you will enjoy them.

We hope that 2020 is off to a great start for you and your beloved ones! We are excited we have almost filled all spots for the upcoming Class of Certified in Distributed Management Program. If your New Year’s resolution is to invest more time in self-development and advancing your career, you want to check it out. LEARN MORE

Below you will find top articles about remote work in 2019. Enjoy!

Cheers to the new year,
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The top articles about remote work in 2019

February 19’

The State of Remote Work 2019

The State of Remote Work is Buffer’s annual report that showcases the world of remote workers and seeks to understand them (it’s based on answers of 2500 remote workers!). Read on to dig into all of the insights about what it’s really like to be a remote worker in 2019.

March 19’

Extreme Loneliness or the Perfect Balance?

No one other than her boss had any idea that she was even ill. On bad health days, she just stayed off-camera. On good health days, she looked absolutely fine. Working remotely in combination with her treatment plan caused her overall health to improve dramatically. Read this heart-warming story about remote work!

May 19’

Google Launches Tools to Help Military Spouses Find Remote Working Opportunities

Announcement of new work-from-home jobs search filter and also released training materials for developing the digital skills needed to work remotely. Google was working on this initiative with Blue Star Families, to provide more “remote working opportunities” for military spouses.

June 19’

Productivity, Retention And Cost Savings: Why Working From Home Benefits Employees And Employers

Interview with Scott Mautz, a former executive at Procter & Gamble who writes about business. Mautz says that on top of increased productivity, working from home boosts employee retention. He suggests working from home three days a week and giving yourself two days in the office. Interesting opinions and experience brought by this interview!

July 19’

Firm With 900 Staff And no Office

Here’s a story of Care Hudson from Automattic, a firm with 900 staff and no office. She’s sharing how her workday look like, what remote work gave her and why she thinks it’s a future. Dive in to read Care’s story.

August 19’

Is it Time to Let Employees Work From Anywhere?

Research presenting what should managers consider as they set WFA (work from anywhere) policies, and remote-work policies more generally. It is based on productivity data for parent examiners who switched from work-from-home work conditions to the WFA program.

October 19’

How Remote Work is Quietly Remaking Our Lives

By 2025, some 70 percent of the workforce will work remotely at least five days a month. The changes remote work has introduced have happened so gradually you may not have noticed. This article reveals all the statistics about remote work you should be aware of, as well as prognosis on how it will further develop.

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