Remote-How Weekly Digest #73

Remote-How Weekly Digest #73

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written on January 2020 by Marek Grygier

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Millennials are the generation that makes up more than a third of the global workforce. They are defined as the generation born between 81’ and 96’. While there’s plenty of ink spilled on how to manage Millennials, what about the impact Millennials are having as managers themselves?

69% of millennial managers allow members of their team to work remotely. Moreover, they believe that in the next 3 years, 2 out of 5 full-time employees will be working remotely

Millennials are taking over our traditional and virtual offices and they will push remote work into the mainstream making managing a virtual team a crucial skill in the near future. 

As Millennials ourselves, we know that and that pushed us to start the first worldwide program for managers of distributed teams: Certified in Distributed Management. Together with experts from companies like inVision, MURAL, Skillshare, Buffer and others we have already trained over 120 Managers from all around the world. 

If you want to join the next group of Certified in Distributed Management Program, head to our website for more information. Psst … hurry up cause soon we are closing Early Birds tickets! Learn more


Kickoff call with our first class of 2020!

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