Remote-How Weekly Digest #74

Remote-How Weekly Digest #74

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written on January 2020 by Magda Sowierszenko

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If you are working with a remote team, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of where everyone is located. More likely than not, distributed setup will have people from numerous different countries working together. They may even be from different continents, so dealing with big differences in time zones is common too.

You might know that your colleagues are working from the US, Portugal, Argentina, Russia, Vietnam or India but it’s a completely different thing is seeing this on a map and understanding the true power of working together despite the distance. 

That’s why we felt in love with company profiles which you can create with


It’s a simple way to showcase where your teammates are based and brag a bit about company culture and all the great things you do or enable your employees. Of course, providing education with Remote-how Academy made it to the list as well.

Care to share with us where are your teammates?
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