Remote-How Weekly Digest #76

Remote-How Weekly Digest #76

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written on February 2020 by Dominik Serafin

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Leadership is not a state of mind, it’s a journey. And remote work is yet another adventure in our professional and personal development.

As the number of remote workers is rising, we’ve come to a point where we have to shift the conversation from “How great it is to work with my PJs on” to “How great it is that remote work is furthering my development”.

That’s why, dear remote community, we’re asking all of you to share your remote leadership stories with your friends and network. Why? To help us shift the conversations from silly things and stereotypes about remote work to something more serious.


How to join #remoteleaders2020: step-by-step? 

  1. Share on your social media an answer to the question ‘How has remote work contributed to my leadership experience?’
  2. Add #remoteleaders2020 and tag Remote-how
  3. Challenge 3 of your colleagues to share their #remoteleaders2020 stories 
  4. You will receive access to a video crash course on self-care as a thank you gift for participating in the challenge! 

    You can learn more about what’s included in the crash course on self-care HERE. We can’t wait to see your stories, learn from them, and share them!

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