Remote-How Weekly Digest #77

Remote-How Weekly Digest #77

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written on February 2020 by Aleksandra Wnuk

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Hot off the press! State of Remote Work 2020 has just been published and we want to share with you some of the highlights. 

As a remote team, we know first-hand that remote work can have its ups and downs, and that the challenges can vary from person to person. 

However, over the past three years, remote workers participating in State of Remote Work have mostly named these as their biggest struggles: difficulties with collaboration & communication, and dealing with loneliness.


This got us thinking… you can solve or at least minimize these struggles with better management of your remote teams. Because let’s be honest, with an endless list of tools to help remote workers better collaborate and communicate, it’s really up to the manager to put the right processes in place and guide the team. It’s the same with loneliness. We don’t think that remote work causes loneliness. What causes it is lack of strong relationships in the remote workspace. 

Enjoy the full State of Remote Work 2020 here

Goes great with a morning coffee 😉 

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