Remote-How Weekly Digest #78

Remote-How Weekly Digest #78

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written on February 2020 by Marek Grygier

Hi there!

We’re constantly getting questions about ideas for team building activities for remote teams. We’re getting so many of them, we wish there would be one source we can send these people to. 

Let’s be honest. Team building has got a bit of a bad reputation. What springs to mind for most people are boring team-building exercises and forced socializing events without much fun. It’s likely because these activities weren’t applied to the specific needs of the team in their stage of development.

It’s a shame though that people think of it like this. When it works, it’s so important in helping people create fantastic work together. But also, with the remote setup, it can get a bit awkward! Eating lunch over a call or playing virtual trivia – you need to know how and when to introduce these ideas to make them stick with your team!

That’s why we’ve decided to create a comprehensive guide with team building activities applicable to teams on different development stages. We want to feature examples of activities run and tested by other remote and distributed teams

If you want to submit one, reply to this email with a short team activity description (150 – 200 words). We will mention, tag, and link back to your company page in the social media as well as in the article and downloadable guide. 

We’re waiting for your team activities until the end of this week! 

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