Remote-How Weekly Digest #80

Remote-How Weekly Digest #80

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written on March 2020 by Iwo Szapar

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According to the financial data platform Sentieo, so far 77 public company transcripts in February mentioned “work from home” or “working from home” (with the prior monthly record of 11 occurring back in April 2018!). 

Last week Japan’s largest ad agency, Dentsu, told all its workers in its Tokyo headquarters to work from home. IBM, which famously moved away from remote work in 2017, has urged its employees in red areas to stay home according to the Washington Post. 

This is a dynamic and fluid situation we’re all facing. Employees will be looking to employers for guidance and direction. Having a plan in place will help ensure you can proactively address some of their concerns and uncertainty as the event unfolds over the coming months.


If you feel like your company could be better prepared for the possibility that all or part of your workforce may need to work remotely join our upcoming webinar. We will meet on the 10th of March at 3 PM GMT to help you prepare for an emergency remote-work setup. SAVE YOUR SEAT

On this webinar you’ll learn: 

  • How to assess your company remote work readiness and weak spots 
  • How to communicate about remote work with your employees
  • How to monitor and support remote employees 
  • How to collaborate and deliver results while working remotely 

Below is your weekly dose of remote reading. Enjoy!

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