Remote-How Weekly Digest #83

Remote-How Weekly Digest #83

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written on March 2020 by Marek Grygier

Hi there!

Let’s be honest. Social isolation and working from home, combined with a pandemic, can make anyone feel stressed and anxious. 

It’s not the time to strive for excellence. You need to give yourself some time to adjust to a new environment where you might even be sharing space with kids or a spouse. You have to figure out how to work effectively and deal with your new distractions. 

It’s OK to acknowledge that you might be feeling like you’re working 24/7 without a structure, that you’re left alone with little support or that you’re simply overwhelmed by the speed of changes. Taking care of your mental health in these uncertain times is as important as checking off tasks on your to-do-list.

So please, take care of yourself! You can start by going through this list of things: 

  • Create a morning routine that you will enjoy. Take the time for your favorite coffee, write in your journal, dress up, watch something that makes you laugh, and stick to the plan!
  • Set an alarm clock to remind yourself about breaks. Hop on a call with your favorite people, do virtual lunches together, or take quick naps. 
  • Arrange space for work. Put some effort into arranging a space that your brain will associate with work and that will feel comfortable and nice. 
  • Practice the art of saying “no”. Make sure you know your priorities and you stick to them. Anything else that comes along the way? It’s ok to say “no”. 
  • Take the day off if you need. Our friends at Buffer have “unsick” days, and you can have one too. If you feel like you need to unplug from work and take care of yourself – go!  
  • Take care of yourself. Try to avoid binge eating or too much sugar, as it can impact your mental health. Stretch and get some fresh air if you can.

And most important of all… BE PATIENT.


We’re all in the beginning of a learning curve on how to work during the pandemic, and we are all new to this situation. 

If you feel like you have the space and time to learn more about managing remote teams and join a global community of remote managers, we still have a few spots left for the next Class of Certified in Distributed Management. If you don’t want to miss it, hurry up! We start next week on 31st of March. 

Stay safe, wash your hand, and remember… it will pass!


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