Remote-How Weekly Digest #86

Remote-How Weekly Digest #86

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written on April 2020 by Dominik Serafin

Hi there!

It seems like it’s already quarantine day 1293736353 (we lost count!) and we are slowly settling down in this new reality. A reality where we are all remote and locked down in our houses. We’ve all learned the hard way about lacking processes inside our remote teams, and our own abilities to manage crisis situations. It was a lesson, we all have to admit that! 

If you’ve screwed something big time, it’s not the time to beat yourself up. Take a step back and see what you’ve learned throughout the past weeks. In case you didn’t notice, you’ve actually just passed the first phase of learning a new skill. Going from unconsciously unskilled to consciously unskilled means you’re well on your way. 

You know what you don’t know and you can start to learn at this level. To help you with that, we’ve launched condensed crash-courses for individual employees, managers, and HR professionals where you can learn all essential remote work skills. PICK A FREE COURSE

Try acquiring these remote skills, experiment, and practice. Push your skills into a place where they become easier and even natural. 

I bet you have something to improve on. We all do. 

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Enjoy your weekly dose of fresh remote articles!


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