Remote-How Weekly Digest #40

Remote-How Weekly Digest #40

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written on May 2019 by Iwo Szapar

Hello everyone!

We hope you all have had a wonderful week. We have some exciting announcements in this week’s newsletter so be sure to check them out below!

What’s New at Remote-how?

 Remote Career Advisory! 

For the last few months we have been gathering your feedback (thanks to all the contributors!) about your remote careers. We idntified the biggest pain point that was mentioned by you most frequelntly:

Landing your first remote job.

That’s why we have decided to create a special programme dedicated to helping you with this very issue. Please give it up for the Remote Career Advisory!


With the Remote Career Advisory, you will learn how to…

🚀 tailor your CV and cover letter to remote work opportunities

🚀 build your online personal brand

🚀 search for the remote job of your dreams

🚀 prepare for a remote job interview

🚀 how to assess your skills

🚀 ask for a raise or promotion

If you like what you see and want the whole thing – pick the plan that is suitable for you!


We have also prepared a special offer for our community. With the EARLYBIRD20 code you’ll get 20% off for Remote Job Starter and Remote Professional plan. Available until the 6th of June!

Remote Greetings from the

Remote-how team and friends


And now for your weekly dose of remote-related news – enjoy!

REMOTE challenges to avoid

There are countless reasons often cited to consider remote work options, such as real estate savings, increased productivity and more engaged employees.Five Mistakes that Destroy the Efficiency of Your Remote Workers

Unfortunately, all too often I see organizations utilizing remote workers without the proper processes, which leads to issues with leadership, productivity and overall employee satisfaction and retention. Here some of the greatest mistakes organizations make when dealing with remote teams


REMOTE candidate profile

In nearly every area reviewed by hiring managers, remote workers get less attention.

Working Remotely: What Hiring Managers Are Looking For

People who hope to work remotely should be careful about how they present themselves in interviews. Nearly all of the hiring managers surveyed (87%) “said that a disorganized or inappropriate interview environment was a red flag.”


REMOTE arena for talent and tech

Remote workforces have flourished. Advances in video conferencing and messaging have allowed remote workforces to flourish. Employers’ ability to find talent wherever it’s located is becoming a necessity in a tight employment market.

Remote Work: Powered by Talent, Enabled by Tech

Messaging means that co-workers are present throughout the workday as they would be in an office, Frank Weishaupt, CEO of Owl Labs, told CIO Dive in an interview.


REMOTE cybersecurity

In today’s tech-driven business world, more and more companies are hiring partially or wholly remote workforces.

11 Tips for Boosting Cybersecurity When You Have Remote Workers

Forbes Technology Council members share ways companies with remote employees can ensure their information remains safe.

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