Join the #remoteleaders2020 Challenge

Join the #remoteleaders2020 Challenge

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written at February 2020 by Magda Sowierszenko

Undoubtedly, if your working remotely it has played an important role in your professional & personal development. And as the number of remote workers is rising, we’ve come to a point where we have to shift the conversation from “How great it is to work with my PJs on” to “How great it is that remote work is impacting my development”. 

That’s why, dear remote community, we’re asking all of you to share your remote leadership stories with your friends and network. Why? To help us shift the conversations from silly things and stereotypes about remote work to something more serious.

About the Self-Care Crash Course

On this crash course you will get access to the following lessons:

  • How to address loneliness at work (by Mark Tippin, Head of Services at MURAL) 
  • How to manage your stress (by Barbie Brewer, Chief People Officer at LoveToKnowMedia) 
  • How to become more self-aware and find what drives you (by Jim Hughes, High Performance Coach) 
  • How to achieve better work-life balance and take care of your mental health (by Marcus Wermuth, Engineering Manager at Buffer) 
  • How to practice mindfulness (by Stephan Dohrn, Managing Partner at Radical Inclusion)

How to Join

✅ Share on your social media an answer to the question ‘How has remote work contributed to my leadership experience?’

✅ Add #remoteleaders2020 and tag Remote-how

✅ Challenge 3 of your colleagues to share their #remoteleaders2020 stories

✅ You will receive access to video crash course on self-care as a thank you gift for participating in the challenge!

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