The Journey of End-to-End Growth and Development Avinode Took With Remote-how Campus

The Journey of End-to-End Growth and Development Avinode Took With Remote-how Campus

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written on May 2022 by Weronika

Indicating the Challenge

Learning & Development is such a broad topic that it takes a great deal of commitment to explore it on its all levels and use it as a tool that helps employees to grow all the way throughout they career paths in a certain workplace. Because of that, we were more than happy to see Avinode taking this topic very seriously when they first turned to Remote-how looking for support from experts in the field.

First steps we took were to discover and identify points that could have been improved as well as to understand how their remote & hybrid environment operated at the current state. That’s why the initial stage was the Audit and then we took it from there staying HR and L&D oriented.

Remote-how Campus as the solution

The main challenges we were able to identify were: not enough support for the leaders, the need of improvement when it comes to continuous learning, and developing peer-to-peer learning.

Avinode decided to enroll in a 12-month Remote-how Campus Program that included:

  • Education materials and strategic resources
  • Certification
  • 1:1 & group mentoring
  • Live Learning Cycles access
  • Ongoing access & learning with Remote-how Community
the roadmap of the Remote-how Campus for Avinode

Throughout the whole Campus Program every participant got access to daily, bite-size lessons with a variety of practical topics such as: “Managing Difficult Situations in a Remote Environment” or “Leading Effective Remote Meetings”. All in all, the course included 40+ hours of video content & 50+ edu materials.

All of the participants of the program were also able to choose 3 Learning Cycles to take part in. A Learning cycle with Remote-how is a monthly live learning experience, with edu sessions and peer-to-peer components such as workshops, assessments, and nudge learning.

Additionally, they got extra support from mentoring both 1:1 with a Remote-how expert matched to them based on their job function, and group mentoring in small circles consisting of them, one Remote-how expert, and their peers with a similar work profile.

Satisfaction from the Remote-how Campus

The Remote-how Campus has been received with such a high enthusiasm by the Avinode’s team, that after only a few weeks into the program they decided to enroll more people in it. We were absolutely thrilled to see them enjoying the learning process and achieving their educational and career goals.

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