Walmart Canada Relied on Remote-How to Develop Their Company Culture and Implement New Ways of Working – Case Study

Walmart Canada Relied on Remote-How to Develop Their Company Culture and Implement New Ways of Working – Case Study

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written on March 2022 by Weronika

The challenge

The pandemic has been a beginning for a lot of changes in the ways we work and made it hard for a lot of companies to find themselves in this new reality. One of the biggest challenges was to adapt work in the ways that it would meet the needs and expectations of both customers and the employees.

Walmart Canada was ready to face such changes in order to provide their staff with an up to date approach to work, focusing on creating a better company culture in which employees become an integral and active part of the redefining process. For that reason they were looking for an expert in the field and Remote-how was there to help.

The process

As Walmart Canada was in the need to work with specialists in the remote/hybrid setup the two Remote-how experts who got involved in this cooperation were: Meaghan Williams – Manager, Hybrid Culture Enablement at Hubspot, and Iwo Szapar – CEO at Remote-how, who has worked remotely with distributed teams since 2011.

During the whole process the experts provided Walmart Canada with detailed insights about the best practices on how to build a strong and employee-centered culture while working with remote and hybrid teams. They have discussed the most important aspects of company culture that should be taken into consideration as well as solutions for boosting employee engagement.

The outcome

Thanks to help from Remote-how, Walmart Canada was able to put together a new internal strategy, and at the end they have presented the model we worked on together to Doug McMillon – the CEO of Walmart.

Here’s what Walmart Canada say about our collaboration:

“Partnering with Remote-How provided Walmart Canada the opportunity to leverage their expertise as we transform our ways of working to meet the needs of our customers and associates long term in a post-COVID world. They were flexible to work with and provided a 360 degree perspective whilst delivering high quality content on external best practices that we could learn from.”

AnnMarie Mercer, Vice President People Business Partner SSC at Walmart Canada

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