Remote-How Weekly Digest #10

Remote-How Weekly Digest #10

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written on October 2018 by Magda Sowierszenko

Hello everyone,
I hope you all have had a great week so far – we definitely have at Remote-how! And do we have news for you! 🙂 

REMOTE trends

Employers and HR are told they need to be agile but how can you achieve it? David Perring outlines the 2018 findings during this week’s Unleash event in Amsterdam.

The five truths HR teams need to embrace to deliver a more agile approach

“New HR systems built on old models don’t deliver genuine transformation”.

REMOTE tools

Mastering remote work is all about finding the right channels to stay productive and connected. Here is an ultimate list of helpful tools.

Remote working 101: Professional’s guide to the tools of the trade

This guide will have you and your team synchronized and working in harmony, wherever you happen to be.

REMOTE report

Companies want their employees to work flexible hours – show insights from interviews of over 500+ CXO’s. Can you believe it? Say goodbye to 9 to 5. Get an early access to the Panda’s Remote Work Analysis 2018. Lot’s of great data and comment from our CEO Iwo on the page 27.

REMOTE guide

The key to embracing the long-distance work life and conquering FOMO is mindset. Here is a happy remote story from the media space.

A simple guide to working from home happily and effectively

Step one: Put on some pants.