Remote-How Weekly Digest #13

Remote-How Weekly Digest #13

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written on November 2018 by Aleksandra Wnuk

Hello everyone,
I hope you all have had a great week so far – we definitely have at Remote-how! And do we have news for you! 🙂 

REMOTE rules

Remember some basic rules of etiquette to maintain good remote relationships. And these relationships make work so much more pleasant!

7 Unspoken Rules Of Remote Work Etiquette That You Must Live By

Show respect and you will reap the benefits.


“Your hiring pool is gigantic, and you don’t need to convince top talent to move for you”. In the second quarter of 2018 alone GitLab received over 13,000 quality applications.

GitLab’s Secret to Multi-Million-Dollar Success: All 350 Employees Work Remotely

It’s a classic story: Tech company goes to Silicon Valley incubator, emerges with a plan, and grows explosively. The only exception is that few of GitLab’s employees actually live in the Bay Area.

REMOTE threat

Maybe we have gone too far? We tap our devices constantly and are addicted to using alerts and texts. It creates the illusion that we’re hyperconnected.

How technology can lead to loneliness in the workplace

Disengagement is on the rise.


Unlike typical recruiting services that match companies with talent, Terminal provides companies with turn-key remote offices. Subscribe to its service, and it will source a team of engineers to potentially hire as well as the office space and operational support to get them off the ground and coding.

In the future companies won’t hire remote employees. They will hire remote teams

Remote-operations-as-a-service on the rise.