Remote-How Weekly Digest #18

Remote-How Weekly Digest #18

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written on December 2018 by Aleksandra Wnuk

Hello everyone,
I hope you all have had a great week so far – we definitely have at Remote-how! And do we have news for you! 🙂 

REMOTE skills
When examining eligible employees for remote work, consider how often they need guidance. If you’re having to revisit goals and guidelines often, keeping this type of employee close enough to drop by their desk now and again is probably your best bet.Successful Remote Work Employees Need This One Key Trait: StudyWorking from home is an attention-grabbing perk with real benefits, but should companies offer it to every tech pro, regardless of role?

REMOTE future
Remote Work is set to go mainstream but is Your business ready? Explore some fascinating headlines and 2018 stories on distributed workforce.

The Future of Remote Work
Trends, trends, trends!

REMOTE salary
These categories have seen high remote-job growth in 2018.

Remote jobs are exploding, and many pay over $100,000
Math, Marketing, Project Management, Insurance…

Remote-how Weekly Digest #18