Remote-How Weekly Digest #22

Remote-How Weekly Digest #22

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written on January 2019 by Dominik Serafin

Hello everyone,
the most appealing aspect of remote work is that it allows us to chase job opportunities all around the world.
This has become even more possible by the advent of borderless banking systems like Transferwise and Payoneer.

Here is your remote work map to the best pay rates around the world 🌍

You’ll find fresh data on:
-> where can remote employees find the highest pay rates?
-> which fields of remote work attract the highest pay rates?
-> where most of remote employers are located?

As usual, your weekly dose of articles and posts on remote work and distributed teams are below.

Remote-how Weekly Digest #22
Remote-how Weekly Digest #22

REMOTE brexit
Remote work trend can shake the British economy in the upcoming years 🚀

Is Remote Work the Answer to Brexit?

U.K. businesses need access to the best talent to grow and enter new markets. What are the options available?

Remote-how Weekly Digest #22

REMOTE history
The basics have changed a little, but the “office” has changed substantially. Slack instead of IRC, Google Docs instead of Groove.

How “remote work” has changed over 20 years
Even before Ars’ first post, IT Editor Sean Gallagher was pioneering working from home.

Remote-how Weekly Digest #22

REMOTE workforce
Here’s how to transition seamlessly to a remote workforce and optimize all your human resources in the process work 👩‍💻

How to Prep Your Company for a Remote Workforce
Companies can save $1 million on expenses each year by letting at least 100 employees work remote at least half of the workweek.

Remote-how Weekly Digest #22

Christian, founder and CEO of Emsisoft, spends most of his day in online meetings — but always makes time to feed his sheep and chickens in between 🐑

This is what a workday looks like for a CEO who runs his entire tech company from a farm in New Zealand
Here’s the advice he has for founders.

Remote-how Weekly Digest #22