Remote-How Weekly Digest #8

Remote-How Weekly Digest #8

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written on October 2018 by Aleksandra Wnuk

Hello everyone,Recent IPO of Upwork (world’s largest freelancing website) gives clear signals, that there are indeed big changes happening in the way we work. Market is maturing. More and more big players start to realize the benefits of distributed teams.Innovation comes with great opportunities and even bigger risks. If remote is the future and freelance is a new way we make things done – how Fortune 500 companies can de-risk this “large-scale experiment” in terms of operations, security and general management of potentially thousands of (remote) employees onboard?What Are Your Thoughts on this? Share your opinion with us on Social Media using hashtag #remotehow.

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More than 30% of the Fortune 500 now hiring on Upwork. What does it mean for the future of work?

What Upwork’s IPO Means For FreelancersThe public offering of the giant talent marketplace could lead to more…REMOTE managementManaging people is hard. Managing people you’ve never met before, though? That’s the challenge.6 Hacks for First-Time Entrepreneurs Seeking to Successfully Manage Remote TeamsNr 2 Use an escrow-based payment method. REMOTE security
Using remote workers — who will very likely send, receive, and access company data and resources online — without a cybersecurity plan in place is risky. See how to cope with a security challenge.How Does Remote Work Impact Your Business’s Cybersecurity?Remote workers are a popular way to expand a company’s workforce, but with them come cybersecurity challenges to address.

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Great essay on future of management!The management approach tested by Google and ZapposIn a workplace that practices holacracy, there are no bosses, which is great—until it isn’t.