Remote-How Weekly Digest #9

Remote-How Weekly Digest #9

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written on October 2018 by Marek Grygier

Community,it’s time for another weekly digest with readings on remote workforce and distributed teams. This week we will be covering remote job search sources, mental health of location independent employees and one cool Microsoft feature for those who work from home.But before we dig deeper into this week’s issue – we have a short, 1-min. survey for you – here. Thanks as always for your help.REMOTE job

Upwork and Fivver might seem like the best places to start your remote work journey. What about sources for full-time remote opportunities?

8 best sources for remote work opportunities

Want to work from home? Here are your best bets.

REMOTE employee

36 percent of workers admitted to suffering from the pressure to appear “more responsive” when replying to emails while working remotely.

UK employees feel remote working guilt | ITProPortal

Half of UK employees working remotely feel pressure to prove their working.

REMOTE feature

The most relatable release of the month — at least for anyone who has had to take a video conference from the couch 😉

Microsoft “Background Blur” is video call feature for remote workers — Quartz at WorkMicrosoft announced two tools at its Ignite conference that make working from home a little easier.

REMOTE reportFrom Work-as-a-Service to EmployMe concept. Another great report providing a great overlook on trends and technologies that will define the working world over the years to come.

Workforce Futures | FuzeTechnology advancements, distributed workforces, and an overhaul
in the way people think about work are driving a fundamental shift in the way that today’s
businesses must operate.