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  • Establish a fair and transparent assessment process
  • Understand how to better evaluate a candidate in a holistic manner

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James Hatheway, Recruiter at Databricks

I had the opportunity to meet with Radina and was impressed. She gave me great advice that I’ll be putting into practice. It’s easy to see that Radina is very enthusiastic about what she does. Her passion for helping others is clearly evident, as is her wisdom and the generosity with which she shares it. Radina is very professional and personable, and she’s great at imparting practical information to help job seekers navigate their search process. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse her without any reservation!

Ricardo Espírito Santo, Co-Founder of Remote Europe

If you are looking for a Remote Career Coach, you came to the right profile. Radina will give you precious insights about yourself, the companies, and the "vision" of the recruiters, allowing you to achieve a bigger impact. After more than ten years in the corporate world, living in 3 continents, working for brands like Airbnb and LinkedIn, Radina is ready to empower you to find the right opportunity with the right company.

Ziv Perry, Business Development Manager at

Radina is a Superwoman (!!!)

Radina gave me insights and a lot of great knowledge about how can I shift my career and achieve my goals!

I really feel that I had lucky to be exposed to her knowledge!

She is so professional with great charisma and charm!

I highly recommend Radina services if you want to achieve your business & life goals.

How to Assess a Candidate’s Potential of Being a Good Remote Employee cover image


In this learning cycle, we will discuss what are the core skills for success in a remote environment and how important it is to read between the lines the candidate’s resume and cover letter. We will dive into how to elaborate the right interview questions and create a scorecard to help you in the decision making process. Also, I will give you a simple checklist that you can follow each time you are hiring for a new remote opportunity.

By the end of this program you will have a better understanding of how to evaluate a candidate in a more holistic way and how to ensure your hiring process is transparent and fair.

About the Expert

Radina is a Remote talent advisor, virtual lecturer, and LinkedIn trainer. After 10 years in the corporate world, working in executive search and in the global recruitment teams of LinkedIn and Airbnb, she set up her own remote consultancy Vox Advisory in 2019.

Radina is on the advisory board of a couple of rising startups and collaborates with international organisations in setting up their talent strategy, as well as training the hiring teams and supporting the human capital function. She is an individual consultant for talented managers and business owners who want to enhance or establish their LinkedIn presence.

Radina is also a seasoned public speaker and passionate trainer on a mission to repair the bridge between the organisations and the talent through the right human-oriented practices.

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