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  • Asynchronous communication is key
  • Meetings are a last resort
  • Gain control over the working day with communication and collaboration tools

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Alexandre McCormack, CEO - Shayp

I was really worried that our company culture was being lost with remote working or it was taking a toll on the employees’ physical and mental health. Remote Kontrol has done a lot to improve our internal processes and overall wellbeing at Shayp. The RK team absolutely rock.

Thomas Bordier, CEO - Exapro Group

Our local team was not ready to work from home. We were using all sorts of communications apps but it was really hectic. Remote Kontrol helped us on that front. We laid down some effective rules and it’s been much easier for everyone.

Lucas Quinonero, CEO - Mobeelity

It has been a pleasure participating in one of Remote Kontrol’s remote work workshops. Francine showed us tools to work on our company culture and how to keep it intact even with a 100% remote team.


Asynchronous communication is a must for any remote or hybrid working team! We’ll teach you how to streamline workflows, avoid duplications and make sure information is relayed seamlessly. You’ll restore work-life harmony, save time and reduce tech fatigue.

Who is it for:

  • Managers
  • Leadership

Course outline

Part 1

  • What is asynchronous communication?
  • Use and benefits
  • How to facilitate asynchronous communication
  • Reducing tech fatigue: own your time and retrieve focus

Part 2

  • Taking a written-first approach.
  • The importance of documenting and archiving meetings and check-ins
  • Project management tools: a must for most teams (content adapted to tools used by participants)
  • Facilitating asynchronous brainstorming

About Remote Kontrol

Remote Kontrol is a consultancy that helps organisations sustain their company culture and thrive remotely by adopting the best tools and solutions.

We build online working strategies so teams feel more connected, productive and engaged while beating burnout and tech fatigue.

Remote Kontrol was founded to fix the biggest remote and hybrid working challenges companies face. We train people to adopt the habits of the best performing distributed teams. Our focus areas are around Culture Building, Communication, Collaboration and Employee Wellbeing. We know the mental, financial and environmental benefits flexible work brings to people, businesses and society. It’s why we've made it our mission to increase happiness and efficiency in the workplace.

Whether you want to transition to remote first or perfect a hybrid model, our priority is to help you achieve long and short term goals seamlessly. Our custom workshops, training and consulting programs enable our community, teams, and leaders to develop the skills and competencies needed to master the new era of remote & hybrid work.

By fixing the challenges of implementing a sustainable remote structure, we’ve helped boost team engagement levels by over 150%. We’ve helped UK and European organisations from start-ups to large companies get on the right track.


Tools: Zoom / Teams / G-Meet

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