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The #1 struggle for remote workers is unplugging from work. They end their days feeling unaccomplished and lose motivation. This is because they are reacting to their calendar instead of proactively creating a week focused on the most important work. When working remotely and struggling to manage time, the first step is to learn how to create a realistic day that includes work and life.

The Calendar Blueprinting brings together the best of multiple productivity techniques to create a work and life framework on your calendar. You'll learn to create realistic days that include "me-time" and that you feel in control of. End your day feeling accomplished will become your norm! When you show up for yourself first, you bring your best self to work.

Increase productivity, get clear on what's most important, schedule the necessary time needed, stay focused and enjoy a happier and healthier remote work employee experience.

Includes remote work health check survey, 90 minute interactive workshop, and 30 minute follow up call.

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