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2-10 • 11-20
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During this workshop, I will walk you through a few topics which are vital for building remote teams.

I will start by telling you more about why remote teams are the future and how they can benefit the organization.

Next, we will look at how you can make sure that hiring remote teams is a success and how you can choose the right person for the job.

One of my secret “ingredients” for building strong remote teams is going further than just looking at candidates’ skills. I will explain how company culture, personality, and motivators can help you find the perfect new team member.

Building a team is not only about recruiting people, the process continues with onboarding which is the most critical and important period for ensuring a long and happy collaboration with your new remote hire. For the last part of this workshop, I will share my experience and process for successful and painless onboarding.

Project steps

30-min Discovery Call
During the initial call we will discuss the goals you want to achieve with this workshop. Then we will schedule a date & time.
Workshop Delivery
I will be available for you around 10 mins before the workshop starts. During the first part, I will go through my presentation (60-min), then we will start the discussion (30-min).
After the Workshop
I will share with you some additional materials for workshop participants that will let them explore the topic further.

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