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The workshop will help your team members understand existing internal and external distractions and what supportive & maladaptive coping mechanisms they use to tackle them. It helps them individually reflect and pinpoint their challenges and find suitable coping mechanisms to address them. The workshop consists of examples and education, individual reflection exercises, and team coaching. It also includes a Q&A and tools for next steps. By the end of the workshop each individual will have a concrete plan for improving their wellbeing over the next three months and tools to help them get there.

Project steps

Step 1
Discovery call (30 mins)
Step 2
Pre-Workshop Survey (5 mins to fill in, received within 3 days of the discovery call. Expected to be filled in at least 3 days before the session takes place)
Step 3
Workshop delivery (takes place on zoom)
Step 4
Post-Workshop summary


1 x 30-min discovery call (with project owner), 5 mins to fill in Pre-Survey (per individual), 1 x 90-min workshop session

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