Primary Audiences
Group Sizes
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Delivery time
72 hours
The standard workshop is 90 minutes long, the gamified networking session can be extended if desired.
Number of participants
Up to 100 people (or more by request)
Who is it for
Team members

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Learn how to consciously disconnect from technology and meaningfully reconnect with the team behind the screen.

In the first half of our Digital Detox workshop, you will get an interactive keynote presentation about the effects of our omnipresent technology and the downsides of digital distraction in our remote work life - and how you can ‘own it’ rather than being owned by it.

In the second half, we use a gamified team-building method based on the card game “iConnect - make connections stronger than wifi”. Created for everyone who prefers smiles over likes, we make water cooler moments when there is no water cooler.

With questions like “What is your favorite ice cream flavor?” and “Who would you swap lives with for a day?”, you skip the office small talk and spark entertaining yet meaningful conversations. They help your team to get to know each other outside of work and form stronger team bonds.

Best of all: No one can lose in the game but everyone will win - a work friend, a story, and a real human connection.

Project steps

Virtual Coffee Meeting (30-min)
During our virtual coffee meeting, we will discuss the details of the workshop (team size, date & time, challenges, expectations, and goals).
Workshop Delivery
The workshop will be facilitated on Zoom.
Follow-Up Call
One month after the workshop, we will do an (optional) check-in call with the team to review their progress and current challenges.


In order to 'make connections stronger than wifi', it would be highly appreciated if all participants turn their cameras on during the workshop.

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