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Delivery time
48 hours
3 hours plus self-assessment and observer assessment time.
Who is it for
All employees

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This workshop will help you unlock the potential within yourself, understand the strengths and weaknesses and help in playing to your strengths. You will gain insights as to how others perceive you, what they feel your special gifts & strengths are and be able to play to your strengths. By improving the self-awareness, you will be able to significantly improve your collaboration, leading to greater empathy, deeper levels of trust, more effective communication, and higher performance.

Project steps

Discovery, Preparation & Expectation Setting Call - (30 minutes)
We will go through what is required as a preparation before the Assessment is taken. We will also speak about current challenges faced and work out the timelines.
Completion of Self-Assessment & Observer Assessment
Within the next two days both self-assessment and Observer's assessment needs to be completed.
Understanding the Model and Interpreting Report (120 minutes)
The Belbin Model will be explained to understand the Nine Team Roles. We will then read through the report and gain insights about the strengths, how to play to your strengths and be able to unlock your potential to gain maximum benefits and success.
Follow-Up Call
We will have a call after 10 days to ensure how the understanding of the report and your change in approaches are getting implemented for positive results. I will also clarify points and assess the progress (30 minutes)


Being authentic to self, taking time to reflect about yourself, full commitment, open and honest dialogue during the session with a focus on transforming yourself.
Having patience to actively listen, discuss and take full responsibility of your life and actions.
Being able to courageously implement personal goals that can be drawn up at the end of the workshop and willing to implement and learn in the process.

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