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  • Learn to turn feedback from critique to empowerment
  • Practice a proven method based on principles of non-violent communication
  • Increase the focus on solutions in your team (and yourself)
  • Additional materials: Feedback Wrap technique with coaching sheet & Kudo Cards - a tool to show appreciation within the team

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W. K., Team lead and participant in the experts leadership program

Katharina delivered lots of information in regard to leadership and management skills. I learned a lot from the training videos, well prepared workbooks and extended materials. Really appreciated the efforts Katharina took.

Michael Kohnen, Team Lead

The coaching helped me to become aware of key team leadership principles, to adapt them to my team, and to integrate them into a process that I now use successfully in my daily work.

R. G. Team lead and participant in the experts leadership program

The way Katharina imparts knowledge is great. Especially the impulses around feedback conversations, misconceptions around delegation, the helpful checklists and structured processes for giving feedback and delegating.


Starting off with a 1.5-hour live session on why feedback should be a part of daily team culture and how to use negative as well as positive feedback to strengthen the potentials in each employee.

In the session we will uplevel from a soggy feedback-sandwich to a fresh and crispy feedback wrap. Based on principles from non-violent communication, the feedback wrap helps you to not only get your point across but to make the feedback receiver want to solve the issue. We will especially focus on what to be aware of when giving feedback in a remote setting in which personal contact is limited and the after-work event to “talk it all out” is missing.

The learning doesn’t stop at the end of the session. In fact that’s when it really begins. Coming out of the session with the task to use the new technique in both negative and positive feedbacks, you will be teamed up with another course participant to exchange experiences and check in on how it's going. Together with your learning buddy, you will prepare a collection of the challenges and questions you are facing which we will use as the base for an additional 1-hour “hot seat” coaching call.

In between sessions you will also have the opportunity to engage in an exclusive chat channel with other participants and the coach for any questions you may have.

Who it is for:

  • senior managers
  • team leads
  • project leads
  • change agents
  • agile coaches

About the Expert

Katharina William is a leadership coach and change consultant with more than 10 years of professional experience. She worked as a senior inhouse-consultant in one of Germany's biggest corporations before transitioning into freelance work and finally founding her own leadership training and coaching business RE:MANAGE.

She is a remote work advocate and has been leading and working in remote teams before it became "a thing" during the pandemic. In her second role as CEO of Management 3.0 she is on a joint mission to redefine leadership and management as each team member's responsibility while creating happier workplaces and successful organizations.


I found working with Katharina to be very professional, highly flexible and very pleasant. She responded well to my needs, explained new methods to me and prepared them very well, and she was also a great help to me in our discussions to sort out and orientate myself.

  • Michael Stiegler, Change Consultant

Katharina William has demonstrated her strong consulting skills and professionalism in managing change projects, and facilitating events and workshops at our company. She was a valued sparring partner for many of our consultants.

  • Simone Steinberg, Cluster Lead Transformation & Leadership Deutsche Bahn AG


Please note that this is a live workshop, with real humans and the opportunity for real connections. Please ensure you have a good and stable internet connection in a reasonably quiet environment, a headset and a webcam so you can interact with the coach and other participants.

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