Primary Audiences
Anyone • Leaders • Individuals
Group Sizes
2-10 • 11-20
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Delivery time
10 days
45 minutes for the first workshop, additional ones customized to demand.
Number of participants
5-500 with an additional $20 for each participant over 20.

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At Laughter On Call we run unique workshops that create connections through shared laughter. We teach specific comedians’ tools for better communication, active listening, moral boosting, team building, innovation, and productivity. AND laughing burns calories. Bringing us in is like a work out too!

We've run over 200 events around the world, from seven execs sequestered on an island to 300 Accenture employees. Our focus is engagement, so when we have over 20 people we use breakout rooms. All rooms are staffed with two professional comedians.

Every participant runs through the same curriculum. At the end we come together and share new "mission statements" written one word at a time in each room. Serotonin uplift achieved, we plan our next sessions where we are able to reinforce all the culture building ideas that improv offers, starting with the an always popular "Yes...and" statement. Recently written up in the Wall St. Journal, LOC is officially deemed the sensitive comedy company, alway keeping eyes and ears on mental wellness. Our workshops are effective across departments, across countries, or simply within one team.

Project steps

15-minute getting to know you call.
Customized proposal written and sent to you based on your company's goals.
Workshops delivered running from 45 minutes to several hours depending on commitment.
Post-event survey is sent out for feedback.