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  • Key aspects of effective communication
  • Best practices for information flow
  • Life-hacks for virtual meetings
  • Mastering work organization

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York Scheunemann, Head of Activation and Engagement at Google

If you thought remote work was about slacking off at home in sweatpants and slippers, you're wrong. It requires action, freedom, creativity. And most importantly, passion. And Iwo has it all!

Andreas Klinger, CTO of OnDeck, previously with Angel List, Product Hunt, Coinbase

Iwo has been at the heart of the remote worker community for years. Not only does he promote this style of life and work, but he is also a teacher for thousands of people who, thanks to his tools, have learned how to do it themselves from every corner of the world.


Do you know that the hybrid work future is inevitable? Executives need to change their way of management when they are in a remote setting vs. in-office. In this learning cycle, we will go through the main changes you need to make to lead your remote/hybrid team successfully.

We will talk about effective communication and the best practices for information flow. I will also share life-hacks for virtual meetings and work organization so that you can feel comfortable in your role of hybrid leader.

Who is this for:

  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Team leads at all levels of the organization

About the Expert

Iwo Szapar is a Remote Work Advocate & Co-founder of Remote-how, the world’s leading platform for remote professionals powered by and for the community of 25,000+ people from 128 countries. Through various initiatives like Remote-how Academy or Virtual Coworking, together with the world's top remote companies like GitLab, Prezi, or Doist, Remote-how is on a mission to help everyone achieve freedom of choice where and when they work.

Iwo is a relentless doer – the kind of self-proclaimed workaholic every team needs. Driven by a love for travel (lived on 3 different continents, while visiting 65 countries - and still can't get enough), as well as a desire to be as productive as possible, anytime, anywhere, Iwo is passionate about helping companies everywhere successfully implement remote workforces.

He has been featured by BBC, Forbes, or Bussiness Insider while advocating for the #remotework revolution. In his downtime, Iwo loves to write, follow global politics (which he tries to replace with cooking), and play with dogs.

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