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  • Participants will develop more confidence and purpose while presenting in front of virtual groups
  • Participants will learn new, innovative tools to make their virtual meetings and gatherings more playful, and subsequently, more inclusive
  • Participants will rethink their responsibility as a leader to build more engaged workplace communities by enhancing their storytelling abilities

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Jaclynn Brennan, Co-Founder of Fyli

Eli Walker held a team-building workshop for our female mastermind community, Fyli, and it was unlike anything we have experienced before. The levels of engagement, collaboration, fun, and camaraderie were off the charts! It’s really difficult to get people to connect virtually, and Eli has a magical way of bringing people together that feels authentic and nurturing for community building.


​​Belonging has two meanings:

  1. to be part of something
  2. to own something.

How to make zoom meetings more engaging? In this workshop, I equip leaders and community cultivators with tools and strategies to facilitate more engaging gatherings – namely Zoom meetings online – to boost camaraderie and a sense of belonging within their team. You’ll learn to set up conditions for yourself and others to create agency, take ownership and build a sustainable community. As leaders, we often run our meetings on autopilot–presenting information within a certain structure that keeps us feeling safe, but unwittingly creates an isolating environment for our people, because the rules you follow to maintain the status quo may be the very things holding you back. Fortunately, by changing just one aspect–taking one step outside of the memorized societal dance–the form crumbles and we experience ourselves and each other in a whole new way. Fun zoom meetings ideas - whether it’s playing a virtual interactive game while introducing a new operational concept, asking an unexpected question to spark new marketing ideas, or introducing a sense of play by changing the context in which you gather - will branch off into unscripted territory where community and connection can occur at a deeper level. And, when your employees feel connected with one another, they feel excited and energized to participate in their workplace community as a part of something bigger than themselves.

Who is it for:

  • leaders
  • managers
  • facilitators

About the Expert

As a community engagement consultant, Eli Walker is an expert in helping organizations, leaders and communities break down barriers that keep them feeling isolated to spark radical belonging. Eli Walker is the founder/CEO of the internationally-acclaimed Drunk Yoga®, the first-of-its-kind interactive yoga company that infuses the social ritual of a happy hour into a beginner-friendly yoga practice using games and icebreakers to create a sense of belonging for organizations. Before founding Drunk Yoga®, Eli earned a BFA in Acting from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, with an emphasis on both experimental theater and sociology. Featured in Forbes, International Business Times, Refinery29, NYPost, Glamour, ELLE, Shape, Women’s Health, the LA Times, PeopleTV and more, she has a passion for helping leaders build strong, conscious communities by helping them tap into the intersection of mindfulness and storytelling--the entry point to self-empowerment. Learn more about Eli and Drunk Yoga®.

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