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  • Map the emotional culture that your team and your organization desire, to improve the way you connect and work together.
  • Agree on the motives, needs and personal fears of your collaborators at work.
  • Develop teams with high levels of empathy.
  • Identify the tensions that affect your organization and yourself.

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Tarcila Shinno, Founder of Remote Workers Latam

Natalia participated as a speaker for our community of top leaders at Banco de Crédito del Perú with the talk "Digital Wellbeing". Your participation was greatly appreciated and helpful to our audience. We were delighted to have her and because of her professionalism and experience, we will undoubtedly call her back to continue accompanying us on this path of the future of work.

Evangelina Hirschfeld, Digital Communications Manager at SheWorks!

Naty is an incredible facilitator and an absolute pioneer of remote work. Her generous and empathetic people-centered approach and her exhaustive knowledge of culture, well-being and organizational learning make each of her proposals break paradigms and collaboratively build new pillars from the depths of change management: the mindset. I had the pleasure of collaborating in various educational proposals, talks and facilitation spaces, I always carry a huge bag of ideas and the motivation to implement them! Your energy is unique!

Keteriane Santos, Owner of Arbitrations at Workana

A person who overflows team spirit, empathy, diplomacy and the desire to evolve and take the whole team with her.

I was happy to have worked with Natalia and consider her a mentor within Workana, given her vast background and her ability to be a chameleonic piece within the startup, for me she has always been a benchmark as a working woman, teammate, and leader.

Wherever you go, you will be full of goodwill and professionalism. Thanks for everything!

How to Map the Emotional Culture of Your Team and Organization Using ECD? cover image


Emotions at work: a leap from the cognitive to the emotional side of your organizational culture.

A workshop designed to map the emotional culture of your team and organization. The perfect invitation to take stock of 2021 and project 2022 in more humane work spaces.

Emotional Culture What’s it about?

Emotional culture is crucial in the productivity of an organization and in the well-being of each person who works. Many organizations underestimate how much emotions influence culture and leadership, but it is the emotional culture that determines employee satisfaction, burnout levels, teamwork and even the level of absenteeism.

Organizations generally tend to focus solely on their cognitive culture, which we usually know as shared values ​​and norms. However, the emotional culture of a team or organization - how people feel or should feel at work - is often overlooked or ignored altogether. In these environments it is very common to find significant gaps in communication, understanding and empathy, something that prevents developing the best way to work together.

However, when companies identify the key emotional drivers of their employees, it not only increases engagement but improves morale, productivity and talent retention. As a result, organizations become more profitable.

This workshop is designed to map the emotional culture of your team in an interactive and practical way. In 2 remote sessions of 2 hours each, we will teach you to map the emotional culture in your team and organization in a playful way, and discover both individually and as a team how you want to feel while working, and how not, and what behaviors should be maintained or changed so that this gets real. We want this experience to have a direct impact on the way people work.

Session1 Self experience of mapping desired and unwanted emotions and the behaviors that promote each one.

Session2 From yourself to your team. What critical actions to kill, create, change and / or maintain to reinforce the emotional culture and how to apply it to the different touch points of your Employee Experience.

International Certification Tool The workshop is developed using the Emotional Culture Deck, a deck of emotional culture cards created by Riders & Elephants. A tool that encourages change processes and facilitates the adoption of more humane organizational cultures.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel" - Maya Angelou

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Natalia Welner - Coach in Emotional Intelligence. Remote Work Consultant specialized in organizational culture, digital well-being & e-learning. Certified in Remote First, Agile Methodologies and as a facilitator of Emotional Culture (ECD Riders & Elephants). Professor of the University Diploma in Telework at UNLaR. Virtual leadership trainer for Anmat. Founder at Let a Woman, the first emotional tribe for women entrepreneurs, professionals and teleworkers. Advocate of healthy and respectful workplace environments.

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