Primary Audiences
Anyone ā€¢ Leaders ā€¢ Individuals ā€¢ Other
Group Sizes
2-10 ā€¢ 11-20
Delivery Forms
Other ā€¢ Webinar
3 weeks (4-5 hours per week)
Who is it for
All employees

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Why take our Hybrid Working course? You don't need an office to be productive.

But most organisations are struggling with big challenges: šŸ¤Æ They have recreated the office online (causing people to burn out), šŸ˜° Social interactions don't happen (or feel awkward), šŸ˜« Meetings are ineffective because people are missing (online) facilitation skills.

This course will help you to leapfrog ahead of your competitors, giving you the tools, techniques, strategies, and templates you need to master hybrid teamwork.

Project steps

Hybrid Work Quick Scan
We will go over the specifics for your team, with our quick scan. We will identify the challenges of your team and organization.
Working from home-life balance
In the first week of the course, your team gets access to video lessons, and exercises (in Miro) to prepare for the live Zoom workshop of that week. Your team get clarity and will make agreements this week on what activities will be done at home or the office.
Hybrid communication & collaboration
The videos and exercises of week two will help your team to replace real-time events with asynchronous ways of working. Best practices will be captured in a playbook. In the live workshop you will make team agreements about communication & collaboration.
Turn meetings into workshops
The videos and exercises of the final week helps your team to get the most out of the real-time events. In the live workshop we will create structured agendas and preparation.
Set a hybrid team goal for the next 3 months
Your team will set a goal using the OKR approach (Objectives and Key Results), to grow their hybrid skill after the training program.


The videos and exercises need to be done before every live workshop (2-3 hours per week).

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