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As a remote leader, you face many problems. In most cases, you need only one thing: feedback from an expert.

I provide personalized mentorship for leaders who get stuck in their professional growth.

I also provide advisory services for growing companies & startups as a growth specialist & marketing leader.

Areas where I can be helpful

Leadership development. I have been in remote leadership roles in the last decade. During my career, I encountered many different scenarios and worked for a diverse array of growing companies. As a result, I can help you to develop leadership skills and perform better as an inspiring remote leader for your team.

Creative strategy. I have spent 15+ years in the creative industry as an advertising executive and CMO for global companies. I can help you to gain quick insights into your strategy.

Remote team management. I have been working remotely since 2014. As a CMO/COO, I helped to grow companies from 5 people to 50 and from zero funding to Series A. I can help you to get unstuck with your team’s performance.

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